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The church is a cornerstone of the community, and by fostering participation, LED display technology can build a stronger network among the membership. As a vital tool for sharing information, the use of display technology creates opportunities for outreach and engaging more people in the worship community.    As LED displays become more affordable Nowadays,LED video wall become one of the most valuable tools in Worship applications to engage the congregation, because it is a great way to provide limitless design capabilities and ample brightness for ambient light visibility, and it has increased flexibility to allow your media team to get creative and dynamic with events and services to completely transform the environment.  

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Why Choose Vision Pro?

Vision Pro design the led display to meet the most demanding applications for your Church. With professional software and video processor, Live camera Video streams will be running smoothly in our LED display, meanwhile, our led display has a 3840HZ refresh rate to ensure a flicker-free operation on cameras. Base on our Optimal design, Our led display has HD vivid images with applicable brightness and power and can be working silently in noise-sensitive Church.

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