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With the rapid development of LED display technology, an LED video wall is used widely in hotels, restaurants, fast-food chains, bars, casinos, and health-care facilities. Compare with projectors and lightbox, Hotel LED Display to provide better visual performance and durability while an unforgettable digital experience to your venue. , the most obvious advantage is that led display can deliver a powerful and efficient way to enhance the environment and define the identity of your venue. 

Features of Hospitality applications 

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Why Choose Vision Pro?

In the hospitality environments, Vision pro is at the forefront of LED Video wall innovation, we have the complete solution to face challenges of public venue installations, and deliver an eyes-catching digital experience at a much more efficient cost. 


1. Wide viewing angle, high gray level/high contrast, uniform color performance and high definition,

2. The ultra-high refresh rate to prevent the scanning line and meet the needs of shooting;

3. Multi-signal synchronization processing, allowing live broadcast, slow motion playback, lens close-up, and other background creations;

4. High stability and reliability, 7*24 hours of uninterrupted operation;

5. Energy-saving, environmental protection, long service life, and low maintenance cost.

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