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Warranty Policies
General Support
Warranty Policies

Vision Pro will provide 2 years warranty on all our LED display products from the original date of delivery. Additional warranty terms can be negotiated during the sales process. our warranty is not a service contract, and this warranty does not include maintenance, cleaning or periodic check-up.

Maintenance Procedure

Once there is a problem with LED Display

  • Check the signal or power of each panel is running well or not.

  • Take photo or video of the problem.

  • Determine if your sign is under warranty. (please check the COVERAGE OF WARRANTY  as below ).

  • Please send an email to us or contact your sales directly.

  • If the problem belongs to hardware, send the defective parts to Vision Pro.

  • Once we received the defective parts, we will repair it or use new or refurbished parts to replace the defective parts.

Coverage Of Warranty
  • The 2-year warranty includes all modules and cabinets, control hardware, fans, and power supply units, and free update of the control software. Before order confirmed, Vision Pro will offer enough extra spare parts: Power supplier, control card, led modules, cables, and we also provide our suggestions about the quick-wear parts

  • Warranty confirmation: The production batch number on the modules shows whether the LED display is under the 3-year warranty.

  • In the applicable Limited Warranty Period,  we will replace or repair the defective parts, but not include the below situation  (View DAMAGES NOT COVERED below).

Damages Not Covered

This limited warranty does not cover the following:

  • Damage caused by unauthorized modifications, improper installation,  unauthorized repairs.  Accidental/Intentional Damages incurred by the user.

  • Damage caused by an electrical power surge, electrical power failure, neglect,  or misuse.

  • Damage caused by severe Weather, Excessive Water Damage (i.e. submersion), Wind Damage., or other cause beyond our reasonable control.

Shipping & Charge
  • If under warranty, the customer shall pay for shipping to our company; and we will repair or replace failed parts for free, and also we will bear the cost of shipping from our company to your site.

  • If out of warranty, all shipping cost should be paid by the user, and we will charge the reasonable cost of new or refurbished parts to replace the defective parts

Field Services
  • Depend on customer request, Vision Pro shall provide field services to the customer for on-site installation guidance and training as well as on-site troubleshooting and maintenance. this service will be charged additionally, about the cost please contact your sales.

  • The number of service days counts from the date the engineer departs from the service base and ends on the date the engineer returns to the service base.

  • The relevant cost should be paid by customers such as visa, hotel, food, a plane ticket for back and forth, and your esteemed company should help to arrange our staff visa.

  • Once the display screen installed or repaired and/or maintained, an operation test shall be conducted for acceptance. The Customer and our field service engineer shall sign on the Acceptance Confirmation that the LED display works properly.

  • In addition, Customer could send your engineers who have some knowledge of electronics and computers to our factory and we will provide one week free of charge training on how to maintain and repair or replace based on a certain charge.

General Support
Engineering Support

Base on the basic requirement from customer, our expert advisor will offer suggestions from viewing distance, changeable measurement, application environment, installation method, so that to concertize the final demand to make detailed solution and quotation . after order confirmed,  structure drawing, cabling drawing, software operation manual will be provided by our engineer. After led display installed, we also support remote configuration for led display.

Custom Support

Each our engineer team member have 3-6 years experience in LED display at least,  include PCB design, LED panel Housing design, drawing design, control system developed. From rigid, so semi-rigid, fully flexible, transparent panels, to concave, convex or just about any shape any project needs, we can design, manufacture and integrate.  As each project is unique, and the more unique a project, the more it will stand out, we go that extra mile to come up with custom solutions beyond the norm. Working with designers, architects and engineers we aim to achieve all concepts using our LED Display solutions.

Convenient Payment Options

6-12 months credit can be supported by Vision Pro, but limited by the quantity of product, and county,  before decide to use credit, we have to conduct credit assessment and grant credit line and specific fees.

Can I running live video from camera with your LED Display?

Yes, you can , just need to add one compatible video processor

Do I need a computer to running the led display ?

If your video sources is only come from computer/laptop, we suggest you to use computer/laptop, but now our hardware also support to use USB disk or mobile phone to change the content, if you have know more details, please contact your sales.

If we want to buy more LED panels in the future, can they match with the led panel which we bought before?

Color brightness is determined by wavelength;  a same batch led display is in a fixed small range of wavelength, but different batch led have bigger range of wavelength, that makes different batch have different color brightness, we only can adjust to match as closely as possible to your original batch, can not be totally same.    

I want to buy a led display, but which kind of ratio will be the best choice ?

We suggest to use ratio 16:9, 4:3. If your size is limited, we can design the ratio to be closed with 16:9 or 4:3

We don’t know how to operate the software, can you send your engineer to our site to do program?

We can send engineer to your site, please check our service policy , for saving cost and time, we will offer detailed manual to you , you just need to do it step by step upon the manual, if there still have problem , our engineer can do remote program by controlling your computer or laptop through remote controlling software

Can you provide steel structure with the led video wall together ?

Yes, we can offer, but if the structure is too big, it is hard to do transportation , normally ,we will offer professional CAD drawing for the steel structure, and customer can find local company to make it.

Our LED display will be install in outside, our country is very hot, temperature can rise up to 50 ℃;  do I need to make a cooling system ?

For outdoor led display in too hot area , we strongly suggest you to equip with an air conditioner for the video wall.

I need an outdoor LED display for advertising , will install on the wall of building, which pixel pith you recommend ?

Please tell me approx viewing distance between led video wall and the viewer, for example, if the min viewing distance is 8-10 meter, we will suggest to use PH10;  if min viewing distance is 5-6 meter, we will suggest to use PH5, meanwhile we have to consider the size of led display, because the resolution of the video wall is also very important.

How does your LED Display mount?

There have several methods to mount, Hanging, Stacking, Wall-mounted, on the pole, our engineer team also can create a custom frame and mount specific to your installation.

How to choose the best pixel pitch for my project?

About the best pixel pitch, the key is the viewing distance between the viewer and led video wall, please tell us the approx shortest viewing distance, our sales engineer will provide a suitable model to you.

If we want to buy more LED panels in the future, can they match with the led panel which we bought before?

Color brightness is determined by wavelength; the same batch led display is in a fixed small range of wavelength, but different batch led to having a bigger range of wavelength, that makes different batch have different color brightness, we only can adjust to match as closely as possible to your original batch, can not be same.

Do I need a computer to run the led display?

If your video sources have only come from a computer/laptop, we suggest you use a computer/laptop, but now our hardware also supports to use USB disk or mobile phone to change the content. If you need to know more details, please contact your sales.

Can I run a live video from the camera with your LED Display?

Yes, you can, just need to add one compatible video processor

Do you have led display to make abnormal shapes?

Yes, we support customized design, the professional engineer team can design-led video wall to any shape.

Can I remote control your LED Display?

Our LED Display support wireless controlling (4G, Wi-Fi), if you want to control several LED display in different sites in a different city, we can provide a cloud service cluster management solution.

What kind software is compatible with the LED Video Wall?

Our systems are configured to be compatible with nearly all video playback and media software programs. Essentially, your computer creates an extended display for the video wall, giving the flexibility to display whatever you like. If you have a particular program you use for displaying your content, just tell us.


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