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Custom led display is smart designed to provide unlimited possibilities in any size and shape for a variety of pixel pitches from small to large. Vision Led Pro offers best led screen solutions to fit your indoor & outdoor applications.

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Design High Definition & Media-rich Led Displays

VisionLedPro is a leading custom led display solution provider and led display manufacturer. With our flexible and lightweight led modules, we brings a solution for you in different sizes and shapes like cube, triangle and any other shapes that you want. No matter outdoor or indoor led display applications, we have best technology and experience to develop and design every aspect of your led display project to meet any applications. With the ability to customize every aspect of the LED display, from resolution to configuration, you can create truly immersive experiences that not only attract but also retain viewer attention.

Any Shape As Your Needed

We know many architectural projects or applications are designed in a uniquely shape. These creative shapes like sharp curves or unique angles provide audience an interactive immersion experience.  Vision Led Pro has more experience and capabilities to design custom led display for our clients than other companies. See these led displays in different shapes such as cube, triangle, hexagon, pentagon and any other irregular shapes.

Customization Options

At the heart of our custom LED display solutions is the power of personalization. We understand that each project has its unique challenges and requirements, which is why we offer an extensive range of customization options. Our goal is to ensure that your LED display perfectly aligns with your vision, space, and objectives.

Size and Configuration

No two spaces are the same, and your LED display shouldn't be either. Whether you need a compact display for a cozy retail space or a massive screen to cover the side of a building, we can customize the size and configuration of your LED display to fit any dimensions and shape you require.


From high-resolution displays that make every detail pop to larger-pitch screens ideal for viewing from a distance, the resolution of your LED display can be tailored to your specific needs. This ensures optimal visibility and impact, regardless of how and where your display is used.

Shape and Curvature

Who says LED displays have to be flat? Our flexible LED technology allows for displays that bend, curve, and wrap around surfaces, providing an extraordinary visual experience that stands out. Perfect for creating immersive environments or eye-catching architectural elements.

Content Management and Connectivity

Control and update your display content with ease using our advanced content management systems. From simple plug-and-play solutions to integrated networked options that allow for remote updating across multiple locations, we ensure your displays are always showing the latest content.

Environmental Adaptations

Outdoor or indoor, hot or cold, dry or humid – we customize your LED display to withstand the specific environmental conditions it will face. This includes waterproofing, temperature control, and brightness adjustments to ensure durability and performance year-round.

Custom Led Display Case Study

Every project has unique needs! VisionLedPro offers unique, custom LED screen solutions to meet your specific project requirements. Our flexible LED screens come in various sizes, shapes, and pixel pitches to perfectly fit your airport, train station, or any other project. Our design team helps you craft the ideal display, whether it's a massive information board or a captivating, curved installation. Imagine crafting a one-of-a-kind LED screen in the exact shape of your company logo!  This eye-catching approach will grab attention and boost brand visibility in today's competitive market.

Honeycombed Design In SRM Shopping Mall

Led video wall honeycombed design for shopping mall

90 degree LED Screen for Shopping Mall

90 Degree LED Screen Showing P3.91mm for Shopping Mall



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