Flexible LED Video Wall- VPF Series

A flexible LED screen is made up of LED pixels pitched on a pliable material like rubber or PCB. It is insulated using a flexible transparent material on both sides to protect the LED circuit from getting damaged. This structure makes flexible LED screens highly resilient.
Vision Pro's Flexible led display VPF series that are tailor-made to fit in your space and captivate audiences. Whether it’s a 3D gaming lounge or a conference, you can rely on our flexible LED screens to deliver high-resolution images at all times. They are available in different dimensions and pixel pitch options depending on your needs.

Flexible LED Video Wall- VPF Series
Flexible LED Video Wall- VPF Series
Flexible LED Video Wall- VPF Series
Flexible LED Video Wall- VPF Series
Flexible LED Video Wall- VPF Series
Flexible LED Video Wall- VPF Series
Flexible LED Video Wall- VPF Series
Flexible LED Video Wall- VPF Series


  • Patent-protected Cabinet Design

  • High Protection with GOB

  • Ultra Fine Pitch

  • Ultra Thin with Only 5mm Depth

  • Perfect Flatness

  • Flexible installation

  • over 10000 times testing of bending to ensure quality for end-user

  • Download Flexible LED Video Wall PDF

Product Detail

Patent-protected Cabinet Design

Die casting aluminum cabinet, support concave and convex shape, customized radius.

flexible led display aluminum cabinet

High Protection

High proven technique of GOB in flexible led module

flexible led module

Ultra Fine Pitch

Super quality image pioneering ultra fine pitch P0.9 flexible display, with 1m best viewing distance, showing exquisite image.

Ultra Fine Pitch

Ultra Thin

The thinnest module design in the Market, adopting sepcial material and advanced technology, super thin and light, thickness only 5mm depth, ideal for integration in any indoor environment.

Ultra Thin Flexible Led Display

Perfect Flatness

Unique segmented splicing reduces splicing gap with flatness ≤0.1mm; magnetic modules allow fine adjustment to perfect flatness. Private silicone cover design to avoid the warpage problem in module connection.

With strong magnet, can be stuck onto the cabinet firmly to achieve the seamless connection.

Perfect Flatness

Flexible Installation & User-Friedly Maintenance

The installation process is made easy given the pliable structure and easy-to-follow instructions provided. Additionally, when it comes to maintenance, the LED circuits are easily accessible. This makes it easier for professionals to assess any issues and fix them without too much destruction. Multiple applications can be designed as circle, wave, and other creative shapes, with fashion and unique visual effect.

Flexible Installation

Technical Parameter
Pixel Pitch (mm)0.93751.251.5791.87522.5
LEDMini 4in1SMD1010SMD1212SMD1515SMD1515SMD2020
Module Size240mmX120mm
Module Resolution256*128192*96152*76128*64120*6096*48
Cabinet SizeDiameter customized, size Customized
Cabinet MaterailsMetal or Die-casting Aluminum
Scanning 1/641/481/381/321/30124
Brightness600-1300 nits
Refresh Rate3840HZ
Protection LevelIP45
Power ConsumptionMax: 600W/sqm; Average: 180W/sqm

Most of the LED cylindrical screens in shopping malls and the special-shaped LED displays in entertainment venues are flexible LED displays. Both in terms of aesthetics and product flexibility, they can better meet the public's aesthetics. It can be used for decoration, and at the same time can be used for video advertising, cultural and entertainment publicity, etc.

flexible led video wall

flexible led panel

flexible led screen

Flexible Led Display Video

A giant curved LED advertising screen is a great choice when you need to reach a wide audience from a focal point. We can help you achieve this by custom-making one to your preferred size and design. It would comprise several standard-sized flexible LED screens mounted together to form a seamless giant curved LED display.


Q: What is Flexible Led Display

A: A flexible LED display screen has a different look and feel as compared to a conventional LED display board. It is made of rubber and has an insulation substrate on both sides of the panel, which is extremely flexible.

Q: What is the Advantage of Flexible LED Display

LED flexible display has the characteristics of thinness, lightweight, high pixel density, flexible display plane, low installation cost, etc., which can meet the requirements of various arcs, and provide a variety of screen sizes and definitions.

Q: What Are The Main Shapes of Flexible LED Display

Flexible LED displays can be made into various shapes, such as spherical, rhombic, cylindrical, triangular, tree-shaped, banner-shaped, and others.

Q: What is Flexible Led Module

Flexible LED Module can shape Flexible LED Screens of different shapes for a striking and eye-catching display.According to the degree of bending and the pixel pitch divided into Flexible LED module and Super Flexible LED Module.

Q: What is The Price of Flexible Led Display Screen

All the Visionledpro LED displays are manufactured in-house, we can offer more competitive prices. Our LED displays will offer great quality images and videos for a friendly price allowing you to implement them in your business.

After-sale Service & Support
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Over 7 years of development, Vision Pro grow up to be a professional LED display solution provider who makes the product apply extensively in the event, concert, advertising media, meeting hall, stage, stadium, and other relevant fields.

If you got a project to handle, please provide below information and our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.


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