Creative Taxi Top LED Display - XT Series

A Taxi Top LED Display, also known as a Taxi Topper or Roof-Top Advertising Display, is a digital signage system installed on the roof of a taxi cab or other similar vehicles. It consists of an array of LED panels or screens that can display dynamic advertisements, messages, or promotional content. Our XT series is specially designed for Taxi Top mobile advertising, it is a new transmitter in mobile media field, make your ads would display through the crowds , spreading everyone, everywhere.

Creative Taxi Top LED Display - XT Series
Creative Taxi Top LED Display - XT Series
Creative Taxi Top LED Display - XT Series
Creative Taxi Top LED Display - XT Series


  • Double Sided design attract more audiences

  •  Light Weight : only 15kg per unit

  • Slim frame reduce air resistance: depth is only 58mm

  • Up to 5000 nits High brightness with low power consumption

  • Shock test passed

  • Multi-Control Method: USB/RJ45/4G are optional

  • GPS fixed-point playback function we can offer

  • Time delay Power off/on to protect other equipments and itself

  • Download Taxi Top LED Display PDF

Product Detail

Ultra Light & Slim; Low Power Consumption with High Brightness

Aluminum case with oxidation treatment,coating film for unti- ultraviolet,outdoor painting for anti-rusting and anti-aging,  Weight will be 15 kg for one unit, and the depth of the case is only 58mm.  Smart module design make the power consumption only to be less than 390W per set; but it is with high brightness up to 4000 nits.

taxi top led screen

Smart Power System with Delay Switch Function

Smart design with high level power supply,beyond voltage,current load,short circuit will be protected. Also it is with delay switch function : when driver switch on the screen, the power supplier will be power on 10 seconds later, and screen system will be start to be working 60 seconds later,  when driver switch off the screen, the screen will be power off 10-200 seconds later, this delay switch function is for protecting the whole led screens and other electronic equipements in your car.  

taxi top led display

Multiple Control Method 

1.USB Disk : you have to use PC or Laptop to programme the advertising content by software , and put the program file into USB disk, then connect USB disk with the led screen, our led screen will read the program file automatically.  

2.Wifi:  this Wifi is not for internet, our led screen is integated with WIFI Hotspot, you can use your laptop, Pad or Phone to connect with our led screen by WIFI hotspot, then using our software to programme video content.

3.Cloud Management:   this control method is only for your company prepare to equip with many sets XT series in one city or different city , group data management makes controlling easily.  

taxi top led display multiple control method

Technical Parameter




Pixel Pitch (mm)






Pixel Density (dot/㎡)



Module size (mm)



Module Resolution



Frame size (mm)

1102 x 405 x 135

Display size(mm)960X320
Display Resolution384X128288X96196X64
Min Viewing Distance2m3m5m

Cabinet Materials

aluminum case with oxidation treatment,coating film for unti-





Grey Rating

14 bits

Application environment


Viewing AngleH: 120 °  V: 120 °

Protection Level



5000 nits

Frame Frequency


Refresh Rate

5100 HZ

Input VoltageDV 12V
Failture Rate<1/50,000

Power Consumption


Average: 130Watt/Set


Average: 126Watt/Set


Average: 116Watt/Set

Life Time (hours)100,000
Standard Accessories

Control Card


DC12V Power Cable


Switch Control Cable






Q: What is a taxi top LED display?

Taxi Top LED Display, also called taxi roof led display or taxi top led sign, is a new type of electronic media advertising with an elegant and attractive appearance installed on taxis, cars and other vehicles.

Q: How Taxi Top Digital Display Screen Works?

Taxi Top LED Displays are connected to a control system that can remotely update and manage the content displayed on the screens. Advertisers can customize the content based on their specific marketing campaigns, target audience, or geographic location. The displays may feature high-resolution graphics, animations, videos, and text, making them eye-catching and engaging.

Q: What are advantages of using Taxi Top Led Display?

Taxi top led display offers the advantage of reaching consumers who are outside their homes and can be particularly effective in densely populated areas or during peak traffic hours. Taxi Top LED Displays can also be used for displaying public service announcements, event promotions, news updates, or other relevant information. They contribute to the overall digitalization of outdoor advertising and offer a dynamic and interactive way to communicate with the public.

After-sale Service & Support
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