Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

A small pixel pitch LED display, also known as a narrow or fine pixel pitch LED display, refers to an LED display with a pixel pitch lower than 2.5mm. This technology is rapidly advancing, with pixel pitches as low as 1.56mm, 1.2mm and 0.9mm already available and even lower pitches on the horizon. Small pixel pitch LED displays are primarily used indoors and find applications in conference meeting rooms, broadcasting TV stations, military control rooms, airports, subways and more. With their high-quality 4K display capability, LED video walls have gained significant popularity.

Small Pixel LED Display Products for Sale

As indoor narrow pixel pitch led video wall is a trend in the led market, HS series is specially designed for indoor front maintenance led video wall market. It is with 3840 high refresh rate, high gray scale, supports from P1.2 to P2.5, if you have high image demand on the control room, hotel, airport etc, HS series is your best choice.

Small Pixel Pitch LED Screen Specifications

Pixel Pitch (mm)1.667mm1.86mm2mm2.5mm
Pixel Density (dot/㎡)359856289050250000160000
Brightness500-800 nits500-800 nits500-800 nits500-800 nits
Module Resolution192X96172X86160X80128X64
Refresh Rate3840HZ
Cabinet MaterialsDie casting Aluminum

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HD Series offers the highest definition LED video wall solutions, suitable for the most demanding applications where a narrow pixel pitch is a need in a fixed installation environment such as TV broadcasting studios, traffic control rooms, boardrooms, etc. The sleek and seamless high definition led displays to deliver a superb visual performance with high refresh rate, excellet greyscale levels, high contrast and wide colour gamut.

Small Pixel Pitch LED Screen Specifications

Pixel Pitch (mm)0.937mm1.25mm1.56mm1.875mm
Pixel Density (dot/㎡)1137770640000409600284444
Brightness500-800 nits500-800 nits500-800 nits500-800 nits
Module Resolution320X180240X135192X108160X90
Refresh Rate3840HZ
Cabinet MaterialsDie casting Aluminum


1. What is LED pixel pitch?
Pixel pitch is the overall distance between pixels. Usually measured in millimeters, a pixel pitch is a measurement from the midpoint of a pixel to the midpoint of an adjacent pixel. When the pixel pitch is small, the LEDs will be closer. And, it results in higher resolution quality.
2. What is the smallest pixel pitch LED?
The smallest pixel pitch LED video wall display that we offer is 0.9 millimetre.
3. What are features of small pixel LED display?
Fine pitch LED display has outstanding features such as truly seamless splicing, high refresh rate, excellent contrast ratio and superb image presentations. The market share of fine pitch LED display in these segments is increasing fast because of these great features.
4. What are applications of small pixel pitch led display?
Small pixel pitch LED display is now occupying a crucial role in the whole display industry than LCDs. It is widely recognized as the current best media solution to deliver the ultimate visual performance for traditional market segments like monitor room, control room, boardroom, and TV studio.
5. How to choose the best small pixel LED display?
If you are looking for the right small pixel pitch LED, these factors you should consider: overall project budget, maintenance costs, setup space and transmission compatibility.
6. How to Install small pixel pitch LED display?
The most common installations of small pixel pitch LED displays are ground stacking and wall mounting. But it varies with specific projects. Most fine pitches LED will be installed for the wall-mounting. Here are the procedures.

1. Frame pre-installed, our LED display has an ultra-light and slim cabinet, which only requires an elementary frame to hold the whole screen. We will offer back support beams which you will fast on the wall.

2. Install cabinets and connect power&signal cables.

3. Assemble modules to the cabinet. Then you can configure the screen by our manual to make it ready to use.
7. Is smaller pixel pitch better?
Lower pixel pitch universally provides greater resolution but is more expensive due to increased materials and production costs. In general, the optimal viewing distance should be 2 to 3 times that of the pixel pitch in meters.


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