How to Measure the Pixel Pitch of a Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

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If you're seeking the best digital signage for your brand, then you need to pay attention to the pixel pitch of the LED display you choose. In this way, you can choose a small pixel pitch LED display that can provide your brand the most effective visual presentation.

The visual quality of an LED display screen has greatly improved as a result of the proximity of the pixels. In addition to reducing the required viewing distance, technical difficulties associated with insufficient grayscale and excessive brightness have been addressed.

But, how do you measure the pixel pitch of an LED display to know which one best suits your brand's presentation? Let's find out.

Firstly, What is a Pixel Pitch?

Simply put, pixel pitch is the space between individual pixels. The term "pixel pitch" refers to the distance between the centers of two consecutive pixels.

Commonly, this is expressed in millimeters. LEDs are packed in tighter when the pixel pitch is smaller, giving small pixel pitch LED display a high-resolution quality.

A high resolution on an LED display is indicated by a narrow pixel pitch, which allows for a comfortable viewing distance. When it's low, fewer pixels are used to create the display's final image. Hence, the screen's optimal viewing distance and resolution are enhanced.

Consequently, LEDs with a narrow pixel pitch produce a higher quality image but come at a hefty price.

 small pixel pitch LED display

So, How Do You Measure Pixel Pitch?

Curved screens and flat panels, whether they use EL or BR technology, have their pixel pitch evaluated about the screen's surface. When an image is projected onto a screen, the distance between each pixel is calculated from the point where the picture was projected, rather than where it really appeared.

Even so, pixel pitch is usually disregarded by audiences. While discussing the picture quality of various display technologies, such as rear projection, LED back-lit LCD, LCD, etc., the term "pixel pitch" may come up. The phrases "definition" and "resolution" are frequently used while discussing these technologies.

The distance between the centers of the red, green, and blue diodes that make up the LED bulbs is of utmost importance for SMD-LED or discrete display technology used indoors or outdoors.

The pixel pitch of an LED display can be calculated after the maximum number of pixels is known. At the very least, it needs to be 30,000 pixels in width or height. You may calculate the square meters of a screen by multiplying its base by its height, like in the case of a 3x1 m screen.

For instance, let's use the 3 square meters LED display screen as a typical example to calculate pixel pitch. The pixel pitch for a 3 square meters LED display is equivalent to 30,000 pixels when multiplied by the pixel density of 10,000 pixels per square meter. Hence, by multiplying the surface by 10mm, you may obtain the optimal amount of pixels for recording video and taking still images.

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