Types and Uses of Creative LED Display

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Light Emitting Diode is often referred to as LED. Multiple diodes in creative LED display are lined up together which aids in image display.

The LED display consumes minimal power compared with diodes made by past technologies. It gives different bright color models such as red, green, and blue.

In this article, I would like to take you through some common types and uses of LED displays. Kindly, get something to munch while reading through this mind-blowing article.

Types of Creative LED Displays

Manufacturers have worked on LED displays over the years so that their quality and application process can be unique. Here, are some types of LED displays you would not want to take your eyes off.

1. 7-segment Display

The 7-segment display is one of the best segments that can be used in displaying figures. This type of display divides figures into 7 segments. Figures 0 to 9 can be displayed by lighting up each set of segments.

It is the most common type of display and it comes with different varieties of applications. This type of display is meant for figures alone and not alphabets.  

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2. Dot-Matrix LED Displays

This type of display is a combination of figures, alphabet, and characters, among others. With the portion-like design, you have more power over all the individual parts of the LED display.

3. 14-segment LED Display

If you need a LED display that must deal with more alphabet display, 14 segments LED display should be your best option. There exist 14 different segments on this type of LED display.

With the additional segments, LED display usage becomes more flexible. This type of display can well be referred to as a Starburst LED display. This type of display still exists all over the world.

4. 16-segment LED Display

This type of LED Display is almost in tandem with the 14-segment LED Display. The only difference between the 16 and 14-segment displays is that 16 segment display is more detailed due to the additional two segments, which allows for more clarity in all displays.

5. Complex LED Displays

For complex graphics, you cannot do without complex LED displays. It gives you absolute control over what you display and the color you preferred using.

Application of Creative LED Display

The benefits derived from the LED display cannot be overemphasized. Let me show you some applications of LED displays.

1. Television and Monitors

Companies, shopping malls, churches, and schools, among others, can hardly do without the use of television and monitors.  LED displays are mostly used in plasma, and computer screens, among other products.

2. Smart Phones

Nowadays, hardly can you see people without smartphones. The use of smartphones would have been a dream if not for the availability of LED displays.

3. Giant Digital screens

These types of screens are mostly used as billboards, advertisements, and video players, among others. The giant digital screen can be used for display on the road, in shops, and in malls, among others.

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Having gone through the types and applications of LED displays, you have come to know that its users cannot be side-line.

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