How To Extend Lifespan of LED Display?

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Digital advertising has gainfully become the conventional method of promoting products in the market.


This breakthrough came as the introduction of LED displays spring up in the market. The fundamental advantages include, it can be viewed all over the place- in the open-air, station, and building.


On the other hand, so many users face challenges in maintaining them. Specifically, digital screens for open-air advertising experience a harsh atmosphere.


Buying a high-quality digital advertising screen from a reliable LED displays manufacturer is the best way to exploit your asset fully.


Below are the precautionary and maintenance approaches to extend the lifespan of your LED screen.


1. Maintain Steady Power Supply

To begin with, the power supply source must be kept stable and properly beached. This will protect your screen from any interruption of any kind.

 LED displays

The power should also be switched off whenever any of the following weather conditions are experienced; heavy outpour, thunderstorm, and lightning.


2. Ideal Dust Removal

When you exposed your LED screen to a winter and dusty environment for a long while, the screen will be covered with dust that may blur your display.


It is not advisable to wipe your digital advertising screen with a wet rag or duster. Instead, alcohol is recommended to be used in a clean, dry duster to wipe the dust or use an approved brush. Better still, a vacuum cleaner is highly recommended by LED display manufacturers.


3. Follow Proper Booting And Shutting Down Order.

Kindly follow this booting order for your display screen; boot the controlling computer first to allow it to run correctly.


Followed by switching on the display screen. Also, when turning off, first switched-off the display and then shut down the controlling computer.


4. Protect Your Display Screen From Liquid and Metals

Guide your screen jealously against water or flammable substances, or a conducting metal. This will prevent your screen from short-circuiting or fire outbreaks.


Peradventure water pours on the screen; kindly switch-off immediately and consult your maintenance team. Don't allow the water to dry as you continue displaying.


5. Always Turn-on Weekly

It is highly recommendable for you to power your display screen at least one time a week, especially during the rainy season. When powering your screen, allow it to be lit for more than an hour.


6. Avoid Forceful shutdown

Incessant switching on and off of your display screen should be avoided.  By so doing, you will prevent excessive heating, current of the power cable as well as damage to the LED essential. Incessant switching on and off can affect the lifespan of your display screen.


7. Maintain A Routine Check

Frequent monitoring of the LED screen should be maintained. This will help in detecting any malfunction that may occur in the setup. Also, non-professional should not be allowed to temper the LED screen.

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