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Outdoor LED Display

The Outdoor LED Screen is an advanced display solution crafted for enduring brilliance in outdoor settings. Our high-performance outdoor LED displays are perfect for advertising, events, and public spaces. They withstand harsh weather and offer excellent visibility even in direct sunlight. Energy-efficient and durable, these displays are easy to install and maintain. Available in various sizes and configurations, they deliver vibrant, clear visuals for any outdoor application. Transform your outdoor advertising with our reliable LED displays and captivate your audience.

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Key Features

  • High Brightness

    visibility even in direct sunlight with 7000-10000 nits brightness.

  • Weather Resistance

    IP65-rated LED panels operate in inclement weather including heavy rain and wind.

  • Wide Viewing Angle

    Wide viewing angle attracts more spectators, and from a large viewing angle and reasonable distance, images are crystal clear with high visibility.

  • Custom Size

    Available in various sizes and configurations.

  • Easy Maintenance

    User-friendly design for hassle-free setup and maintenance.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Low power consumption


FE Series is specially designed for energy-saving, as the power consumption can be reduced by 50%~60% after utilizing common cathode technology, which is difficult to reach this effectiveness by other methods, it can’t reach so high energy-saving effectiveness even by decreasing screen brightness.

Pixel Pitch (mm)P6.67P8P8P10P10P10
Pixel Density (dot/㎡)224771562515625100001000010000
Brightness6500 nits6500 nits6500 nits6500 nits6500 nits8000 nitss
Refresh Rate1920HZ or 3840HZ
Cabinet MaterialsDie casting Aluminum
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Our SL series offers Advanced, high-performance rental panels for indoor and outdoor applications. Designed specifically for touring & rental markets, the panels are lightweight and slim but durable, equipped with user-friendly features.

Pixel Pitch (mm)P3.91P4.81P3.91P4.81P5.95
Pixel Density (dot/㎡)6553643264655364326428224
Module size (mm)250X250
Module Resolution64X6452X5264X6452X5242X42
Cabinet size (mm)500X1000
Cabinet MaterialsDie casting Aluminum
Cabinet Flatness (mm)≤0.1
Grey Rating14 bits
Application environmentIndoorOutdoor
Protection LevelIP45IP67
Maintain ServiceFront & RearRear
Brightness800-1200 nits3500-5500 nits
Frame Frequency50/60HZ
Refresh Rate1920HZ or 3840HZ
Power ConsumptionMAX: 200Watt/cabinet   Average: 65Watt/cabinetMAX: 300Watt/cabinet   Average: 100Watt/cabinet
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FO Series are designed specifically for permanent fixed outdoor installations. Offering the best balance between weight and durability, they are built to withstand harsh outdoor environmental factors such as direct UV rays, varying temperatures, constant vibrations and severe weather conditions.

Pixel Pitch (mm)P3.076P4P5P6.67P8P10
Pixel Density (dot/㎡)1056886250040000224771562510000
Brightness5000-5800 nits5000-5800 nits5500-6200 nits5800-6500 nits5800-6500 nits5800-6500 nits
Refresh Rate1920HZ or 3840HZ
Cabinet MaterialsDie casting Mg Alloy
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High-Visibility and Durable Outdoor LED Displays

Our LED displays utilize the latest advancements in LED technology, ensuring stunning image quality and performance. With a brightness range of 7000-10000 nits, these displays offer exceptional visibility even in direct sunlight, making them ideal for outdoor settings. The high refresh rate and superior color accuracy provide smooth and vibrant visuals, enhancing the viewing experience. We offer a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the specific needs of different applications, ensuring a perfect fit for any project.

Built to last, our outdoor digital signage is constructed from high-quality, weather-resistant materials. The robust build ensures long-term durability and reliable operation in various weather conditions, from heavy rain to intense sunlight. The IP65 rating guarantees protection against dust and water, ensuring the displays perform optimally in any environment.

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Outdoor LED Media Facade in Russia

Outdoor LED Media Facade in Russia

In Russia, where winters are long and cold with significant temperature variations, maintaining optimal performance for LED displays can be challenging. However, our MFC series outdoor LED panels are designed to overcome these harsh conditions. With up to 68% transparency, the MFC series is ideal for large-format digital signage on building exteriors and other outdoor architectural elements.

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