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Outdoor LED Media Facade 


Model: MFC 6.9-13.8

Size: 6mX12m

Site: Russia 

The Russian winter is very cold and long, and the temperature difference is large, which is very unfavorable for LED displays, so how do MFC series overcome these problems?

MFC series is an outdoor LED panel designed for fixed installation with up to 68% transparency. This makes it the perfect solution for large format digital signage on the outside of buildings, larger outdoor architectural elements, or even creative lower resolution applications. The high brightness from the DIP LEDs will overpower any direct sunlight, which also can be seen better on snowy days, it can ensure display is always vibrant. What’s more, MFC design is extremely thin and lightweight which makes for an easier and cost effective installation. Our Quick Lock System allows you to easily attach it to a standard T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion. Compared with traditional type, MFC series is more light and slim, front and back service, save cost on structure and labor cost.

As passerby gaze upon this nice screen, they are encouraged to contemplate the colorful one, which arouse the desire to go inside the building without hesitation. High-definition and high-end LED Display at the entrance, it is consistent with the modern design style, allowing you to immerse yourself in an incredible nice atmosphere.

In short, our products are characterized as withstanding severe weather conditions, high brightness, and high brightness, making MFC series the best choice for advertising.


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