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Visionledpro's conference led displays help to better facilitate presentations, brainstorming, and decision making. Conference rooms are transformed into smart, connected spaces where employees - both in the meeting, in a different office, and across the globe - can collaborate more productively. LED Display system brings a optimal visual experence to corporate lobbies and auditoriums not only making a deep impression on guests, but also create interest and demonstrating a company’s commitment to embracing leading-edge technologies.

Features of Corporation&Conference Applications

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Why Choose Vision Pro?

Vision Pro LED Video Wall can be ideal for both large and small-scale corporate applications. We can provide a vivid image and better visibility in bright ambient light conditions, meanwhile our product is with ith weather resistant design and comprehensive pixel pitch range  to  ensure optimal visibility.   

For temporary activity,  our conference LED display systems are mobile-friendly and disassemble into a compact footprint for easy transport and storage , and our modular design of the LED panels allow video walls to be suitable for any size event with limitless design potential.

For permanent installations, Conference led display solution will be provided to meet all your requirements. 

Please contact us to learn more about LED video wall solution.
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