P1.56 Small Pixel Pitch LED Video Wall for Conference Rooms

P1.56 Small Pixel Pitch LED Video Wall for Conference Rooms

The United States is located in the middle of North America, its climate is different, most of the region has a continental climate, and the southern part has a subtropical climate.

A small pixel pitch LED display refers to a display with a high pixel density, meaning that the individual pixels are tightly packed together. we started studying the best solution for the support structure for the LED Screen. We know that the size of led display is 5400mm*1687.5mm. We use our indoor product HD Series 15; Learn more about our HD series Led Display.

Most fine pitches LED will be installed for the wall-mounting, it is easy to install according to our manual, and fully front maintenance and ultra thin are convenient for maintaining. High precision die casting aluminum cabinet is with excellent heat dissipation for wonderful power efficiency and fantastic performance for indoor.

The sleek and seamless high definition led displays to deliver a superb visual performance with high refresh rate, higher resolution(3546*1080), excellent greyscale levels, fabulous contrast and wide colour gamut.

Smart module for adjusting data storage, voltage detection, temperature detection and durability. No need to change setting after modules replacement, and modules can be used in any position, fast and easy for maintenance.

This impressive LED Screen will be used to indoor advertising, control rooms, conference rooms, and trade shows. It is designed for close viewing distances. Due to their high pixel density, viewers can stand nearer to the screen without experiencing image degradation. People would be attracted by this colorful led display and will absolutely love this visual feast while walking by this place. What’s more, HD-15 has immersed them in a fantastic visual and sound experience. 

These installations will attract more clients in indoor. This financial investment for USA is supposed to boost economy.

P1.56 Small Pixel Pitch LED Video Wall for Conference Rooms


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