How to Make a Cost Estimate for a Fixed LED Display?

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Are you trying to find a more effective way to communicate event content to your audience? It can be challenging to select the best solution with the variety of choices in today's market.

We hope that this comprehensive explanation of the many expenditures contained in the quotation for fixed LED display panels, which is drawn on our many years of expertise, will give you a strong insight when you buy LED color screens.

In actuality, there are a lot more components involved in budgeting than just the screen body. So, we'll discuss with you the key components of the LED display budget as follows.

1.  Display Panel

Typically, the price of the display panel is determined by how much it costs per square meter. Due to the material being used and display configuration, the pricing will vary.

The price of a screen bodywork covers every part of an LED color screen, including the cabling and connection wires inside the display as well as the tube cores, panel circuit board, IC controller chip, unit power supply, steel box, and plastic cover.

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2.  Control system

The price of the control system makes up a significant portion of the display budget along with the display screen. The majority of this portion of the expense is for transmitting and obtaining control cards.

Typically, the computer host does have more than one receiving card mounted but only one transmitting card. The dimension of the display screen has a significant impact on the number of control cards.

3.  Cooling mechanism

In order to ensure the proper functioning of the screen body and prolong the service life of the display's hardware, manufacturers must equip fixed LED display screens larger than 20m2 with an air conditioner.

It is highly advised that fixed indoor display displays have wall-mounted air conditioners installed in order to efficiently lower the temperature, guarantee its performance, and lower the failure rate.

4.  Video processor for LEDs

They are gadgets designed primarily to enhance the overall display impact and operational applicability of a widescreen, maximizing the display's potential.

It can also resolve issues with accessing, processing, and displaying different video signals as well as finish the format conversion between a variety of signal formats. LED video processors come in a wide range of brands and types at various price points.

5.  Power distribution switchboard

It is advised that this device be installed on display systems with a capacity of 10 KW or more in order to supply steady current and voltage for the performance of the equipment's numerous components and to properly insulate the display from problems like the power switch malfunctioning.

6.  Lightning arrester

For fixed LED displays that are installed outdoors, it is advised because it primarily serves as lightning protection.

7.  Technician's surcharge

When the display is shipped to the customer, one or two technical engineers are dispatched to help with installations and functional configuration. Only the general accommodation and boarding costs as well as the round-trip travel costs for the technical engineers, need to be covered by customers.

The goal of the post is to provide you with a complete cost estimation before you buy a fixed LED display screen.

Collaborate with us for sturdy and long-lasting Fixed LED displays

Consequently, fixed LED displays are a dependable and affordable option for enterprises wishing to clearly and attractively communicate ideas to their audience.

Fixed LED displays are the greatest alternative for many various sorts of applications due to their robustness, energy consumption, outstanding visual appeal, and adaptability.

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