Interactive Creative LED Video Floor Display - DF Series

Our DF Series is the ideal choice for brands or sellers to interact with customers. Among all the similar products, DF series stands out with its unique competitive advantages. Extremely short response times, high stability and wide viewing angles enable DF series to offer customers a truly amazing experience. With the load capacity exceeding 2000kg/㎡, it is also excellent in load-bearing performance. LED floor tiles are the next step in the modern world of event and party spaces. Any modern venue can be improved through the addition of LED floor tiles, which can be performed as a retrofit or included in the initial design of the space. 

Interactive Creative LED Video Floor Display - DF Series
Interactive Creative LED Video Floor Display - DF Series
Interactive Creative LED Video Floor Display - DF Series
Interactive Creative LED Video Floor Display - DF Series


  • No delay in interaction effects

  •  Easy to maintenance and easy installation

  • Highly stable

  • Wide viewing angle

  • Surface is waterproof

  • Super load bearing performance

  • P3.91/P4.81/P6.25 Led Panels & Screens available

Product Detail

Highly Stable Design

Strong PC mask make our led floor to be anti-skid, anti-knock, anti-glare, and module is with the cooling board to ensure the heat can be discharged quickly and effectively


Super load-bearing performance & Surface is waterproof

High Load Bearing with 2T weight   

Glue process seals up the mask with back shell, make the surface to be waterproof so that it can protect the screen out of accidentally spilled drinks and rain.


Easy to maintenance and easy installation

Professional maintenance tool helps you to take out any panel in any position if you want. 

Special design rail makes the installation to be simple.



Controlling Diagram 


Realization of human-computer interaction experience

On the basis of the LED dance floor screen, the sensor interaction function is added. The LED dance floor is equipped with a light sensor on the PCB. When something touch the led screen, the sensor can sense the position of it and feedback the trigger information to the main controller, and then the main controller logic determines after that, the corresponding display effect will be output. We will offer you more than 40 units of interactive video materials without any cost, if you want to design your own interactive video, please contact us. 


How does Sensor/controller system work?

Sensors’job is to send signal (Yes – No – Similar to a mouse system) to the controller

Controller then pass the signal to the program in the computer then execute the requested trigger based on the Yes -No of the program


Technical Parameter




Pixel Pitch (mm)






Pixel Density (dot/㎡)



Module size (mm)



Module Resolution


Brightness (cd/㎡)200020002500




Grey Rating

14 bits

Cabinet materailsAluminum

Application environment


Viewing AngleH: 150 °  V: 150 °

Protection Level


Frame Frequency


Refresh Rate

3840 HZ

Weight of One Panel10 kg
Failture Rate<1/50,000

Power Consumption

MAX:200Watt/Panel    Average: 60Watt/Panel

Life Time (hours)100,000
After-sale Service & Support
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Over 7 years of development, Vision Pro grow up to be a professional LED display solution provider who makes the product apply extensively in the event, concert, advertising media, meeting hall, stage, stadium, and other relevant fields.

If you got a project to handle, please provide below information and our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.


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