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In this modern world, unique product design, fueled by both imagination and technology, departs from standard processes and traditional mindsets to innovate stunning, one-of-a-kind structures that boggle the eye. Customized LED Display now go beyond flat in traditional aspect ratios with revolutionary new led products that take your creativity to the next level. A new trend has emerged in the market with a variety of small size and shape LED products. These creative products allow for intelligent lighting effects on large-scale backgrounds of any form, creates unparalleled LED experiences that ignite the imagination and inspire lasting impressions for years to come.

Features of Hospitality applications 

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Why Choose Vision Pro?

As a professional LED display manufacturer, Vision Pro is dedicated to provide various solutions for different applications. As we accumulated rich experience, and our technology is more and more mature, we are developing and innovating our products to meet the increasing demand from the market.


We believe that even a small change on the original product can make a difference. We also believe that a good LED product not only has the high standard quality, it must be the one that inspires people most.


Recent years, we have developed the circular led display, flexible led module/ triangle led module in the led industry, and got lots of patents for design and technology. With our strong R&D team, as well as creative and innovative ideas for different shapes of LED displays, a series of various creative led display products already came out.

How to enter into your customization 

Step 1:Start by asking a lot of questions, Each client has very different visions and requirements.  Firstly we need a rough design drawing from client , so that to know customer’s idea.



Step 2: Engineer team start to study on the rough design drawing and make feasibility analysis.



Step3: Coordinating customer’s original needs to make the LED Display to be producible.


Step4: Working out the detailed design drawing , and offer a design sketch to client for checking . 


Step5: After order confirmed, engineer begin to design PCB, Housing, cabinet, then start the production process

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