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Creative LED Video Wall

round led display

Nike, a popular sports brand all over the world, has been constantly creating and innovating since its inception in 1964, and has become synonymous with modern sports and trends. This excellent brand is not only widely known, but its branches are all over the world, whether it is a famous person, a white-collar worker, or a student, Nike is extremely loved by everyone. This Creative Led Video Wall can show the amazing effect of product for Nike.

A flexible LED display screen has a different look and feel as compared to a conventional LED display board. It is made of rubber and has an insulation substrate on both sides of the panel, which is extremely flexible. we started studying the best solution for the support structure for the LED Screen. We know that the diameter of led display is 2750mm, shape is rounded. We use our indoor product VPF Series 25.

Its thickness only 5mm depth, the installation process is made easy given the pliable structure and easy-to-follow instructions provided. Additionally, when it comes to maintenance, the LED circuits are easily accessible. This makes it easier for professionals to assess any issues and fix them without too much destruction.

Super quality image pioneering ultra fine pixel pitch flexible display with 1100*1100 resolution, providing 1m best viewing distance, showing exquisite image. Unique segmented splicing and magnetic modules reduce splicing gap with flatness ≤0.1mm, achieving perfect flatness. Private silicone cover design to avoid the warpage problem in module connection.

Most of Creative Led Video Walls can be seen in shopping malls and entertainment venues with special-shaped, such as spherical, rhombic, cylindrical, triangular, tree-shaped, banner-shaped, and others. Both in terms of aesthetics and product flexibility, they can better meet the public's aesthetics. 

This screen to Nike is of great magnitude, which can show their gorgeous products as advertising. People would be appealed to this fantastic visual feast, then they possibly enter into Nike without any hesitation. Colorful effect and extremely clarity bring stunning and captivating atmosphere, Nike stores have also become overcrowded unknowingly. 

round led display

Under Testing in Workshop

round led screen

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round led display

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