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FO Series LED Billboard for Outdoor


The Middle East is located in western Asia and northeast Africa, and its climate is complex, with tropical desert climate being the most widely distributed.

A fixed led display in Middle East, we started studying the best solution for the support structure for the LED Screen. We know that the cabinet of our product is 960*960, and the size of led display is 15360mm*3840mm. We use our outdoor product FO Series 10. 

The screen needed to be as thin as possible:20% thinner than iron cabinet. Since it is suitable to install on a pillar or two pillar. High lightness(5800-6500nits) and higher precision are the advantage, and its resolution is 1536*384, passers-by can be attracted when they see this sign.

The best balance between weight and durability, weatherproof and reliability, they are built to withstand harsh outdoor environmental factors such as high UV rays, scorching temperatures, constant vibrations and different weather conditions.

Dual channel heat dissipation(four units fans)to face hot weather, seamless splicing and inner cabling for fixed installation is special design. All cables can be cabling from two sides, top and bottom, in order to avoid the cables get problem if they are exposed to the external hot environment.

This impressive LED Screen will be used to display advertisement for outdoor. People would be attracted by this colorful led display and will absolutely love this visual experience while walking by this place. FO-10 has immersed them in a amazing visual and sound experience.

These installations will attract more clients on the pillars. This financial investment for Middle East is supposed to boost economy.

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