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LED Video Wall for Casino


Casinos offer more than just gambling. Visitors are drawn to these lively hot-spots for a variety of entertainment and hospitality venues from stand-up comedy and concerts, to sporting events, dining and shopping. Often casinos are the destination itself and entertaining, servicing and monitoring guests is a daily routine that requires a variety of complex Visual technologies. 

This time, our client from Casino want to use LED Video Wall to show an array of different visualizations and statistics, Streaming and visualizing the statistics of three separate games - Live Roulette, Live Baccarat and Automated Roulette. The purpose is to get a better sense of live experience.

Details: HDPH1.5, Width: 3000mm Height: 1687.5mm  Resolution: 1920*1080; 

Professional Video processor is equipped to support 4-6 pictures. If you want to know more details , please feel free to contact us.


Frame Drawing for Reference 


Four Pictures in LED Video Wall for Casino


Hanging Intallation Method is supported  


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