LED Video Wall for Artist Educational Institutio


Congratulation for one more attractive LED video wall which have been finished in Artist educational institution

Mr Kim Joong from Korea know us from Website, and send inquiry to us, and tell us they want to install a led background on their stage.  In the beginning , we provided some related projects to customer for reference, and offered some  constructive suggestions with our professional experience.  

Trust is established in honest communication over and over again.. Finally, the design of project passed the permission of the Institution, two wings on left side and right side, big led screen in middle. The main led wall is using PH4, resolution 2048 * 1024 ;  wing is using same PH4, resolution 256 * 1024; professional video processor is equipped to support live show.

Schoolmaster was worried about the structure which for fixed the led video wall, because some accident was happened in some other stages. After our full support and providing professional structure drawing, we made a most strong and stable structure for indoor application that we ever built


Steel Structure under making 


Steel Structure for whole LED Video Wall

Educational LED Video Wall is Running Well.jpg

LED Video Wall is Running Well 


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