Custom LED Display Models and Their Applications

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Do you wish that your business, company or organization be seen, noticed and patronized by more potential customers? I'm sure you do, indeed everyone does!

The good news is that with custom LED Displays, your business will not only be seen by potential customers but also get more patronage due to the visual presentation of your business's integrity to your target audience.

You should therefore consider installing custom LED Display screens at your offices, companies as well as on the street where your organization is located.

In this article, we will walk you through the various models of Custom LED Displays and how you can apply them to benefit your business.


Models of Custom LED Displays

LED Displays come in different models. These models have different panel types and particularly areas of applications. The common models of LED Displays include Dot Matrices LED Displays and Segmented LED Displays.

 custom LED display

v Dot Matrix LED Display

Of all models of LED Displays, Dot Matrix LED Displays are typically the most sophisticated. They contain several individual light emitting diodes (LEDs) that are clustered together as dots which are arranged in a rectangular grid that is wider than its height.

Dot Matrix LED Displays operate by turning individual light emitting diodes on or off in a well programmed sequence. With this, an alphanumeric display of some particular characters (letters, numbers, symbols) can be presented.

However, the level of clarity obtained while using Dot Matrix LED Displays highly depends on the standard resolutions of the LED Matrix.

Standard resolutions for many LED matrix displays include:

· 128x16 (two-lined)

· 128x32 (four-lined)

· 128x64 (eight-lined)

· 92x31 (four or three-lined)


v 7-Segment LED Displays

Seven-segment LED Displays, sometimes abbreviated as SSDs are also known as Seven-segment indicators.

Unlike Dot Matrix LED Displays, 7-segment LED Displays are not used for alpha-numerics. A typical 7-segment LED Display uses an arrangement of seven separate LED segments to display numerals.

The individual light emitting diodes are arranged to form a rough figure-eight system. Thus, when illuminated, the grouping of the diodes allows the display of any digit from 0-9.


v 14-Segment LED Display

The array of light emitting diodes in a 14-Segment LED Display is similar to that of a 7-Segment LED Display. However, 14-Segment LED Displays use double the number of diodes used by 7-Segment LED Displays.

The light emitting diodes are also arranged to form a rough figure-eight system but with an additional diagonal diode which cross through the center point.


v 16-Segment LED Displays

16-segment LED Displays also have similar configuration to both 7-Segment Displays and 14-segment LED Displays. The light emitting diodes are similarly arranged in figure-eight model.

The basic significant difference offered by 16-segment LED Displays is that an additional pair of light emitting diodes are included by splitting both the upper and lower horizontal segments of the figure-eight system into two.

With 16-segment LED Displays, numbers and letters can be read out with clarity.

 custom LED display

General applications of Custom LED Displays

Custom LED Displays find significant applications in billboards, signage, video walls and hoardings. They are often used in commercial areas for advertisement or to display information about a particular product or service rendered by an organization.

Among other various applications, Custom LED Displays are programmed to display:

Ø Words

Ø Images

Ø symbols

Ø Prices

Ø Temperatures

Ø Times and dates

Ø Directions


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