Differences Between Rental LED Display And Fixed LED Display

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Rental LED Display is a technological innovation that is widely used on stages for large gatherings such as a wedding, football matches, film houses, plazas, and other places. Its display cabinet is not only light-weight and thin but also has components that enhance quick installation.


Rental LED screen does not damage quickly and has some other special features that contribute to its quality advantages. They always come in different shapes, sizes, and patterns with components and applications that improve the strength of the show effect.


For a large crowd event, a stage is constructed at the highest position and a huge rental LED display is firmly fixed on it. With this in place, the entire crowd will see the stage clearly from wherever they are either nearest or farthest from it. This is one of the advantages that this form of the LED display brings to the information technology world.


You might want to know if there are contrasting features between a rental LED display and a fixed LED display.


Yes! Read on to have a grasp of it.


1. Different LED cabinet structure and design

The outdoor fixed LED display has a structure that is comparatively heavy and makes use of an impermeable cabinet. But for an indoor fixed rental led display is often built with a forged aluminum sheet and that makes it light-weight with relatively increased stability.


Its installation is fast and easy and can be dismantled anytime and relocated to a different position. Thus they are highly recommended for stage act or performance. In addition to this, they use a very simple screen cabinet.

 rental LED display

2. Installation method

The rental LED screen is most often dismantled, moved from one location to another, and installed frequently. So it requires frequent installation. This necessitates a specific benchmark for product shape, structure pattern, material choices, etc.


In contrast, an outdoor and indoor fixed led display has some restrictions, such as centralized screen size and fixed locality installation. These cannot satisfy the various requirements of customers who sometimes will have to change locations.


3. Product Model

One important requirement for rental LED display on a stage is clarity of the picture and this makes an indoor area suitable for high screen design model P3 or P4.


For a little spacing, P2.5 or P2 are suitable while for an outdoor environment, model P6 or P5 are the best. Fixed LED displays are one of the revelations in the world of information technology.


It is a tool for contemporary life; however, many people are still ignorant of this and cannot differentiate them from the rental LED display. Apart from the ones highlighted other differences still exist and vary from one manufacturer to another.


In need of high quality, rental LED display?

The rental LED display has many amazing benefits it offers us but high quality and durable one is very hard to come by in the market. Hence, you need to partner with a trusted, experienced, and reliable rental LED display manufacturer.


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