Everything About Small Pixel Pitch Led Display(Part Two)

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What is application of the Small Pixel Pitch LED Display?


The small-pitch LED screen has flexible structure, wide viewing angle, ultra-thin body, convenient and quick installation and maintenance, and low power consumption. It is widely used in various public information display fields.

e.g.: information bulletin boards in hotel lobbies, airports, cinemas, hospitals, etc., as well as corporate image promotion, museum cultural relics display, sports stadium scoreboards, etc.


Security Monitoring:

With features such as seamless joints, good color performance, and low energy consumption, small-pitch LED screens can meet the needs of high-end indoor applications such as dispatching command centers, command and control centers, studios, and meteorological information centers that require higher picture quality.


Business education:

Small-pitch LED screens can also meet the needs of various commercial fields, such as corporate conference rooms, chairman’s office, and network video conferences. It can replace the projector to create a bright office environment.


Household field:

As a home, the outstanding advantage of LED TV is the use of independent light-emitting technology, brightness, color, and refresh rate are all superior to LCD TVs. Installation and maintenance are more convenient than projectors. Also it can display normally even in a bright audio-visual room.

  Small Pixel Pitch Led Display

Choice of pixel pitch led display

There are multiple factors that influence the choice of pixel pitch and although there is a common misconception that a finer pitch is always better, that isn’t always the case.

Here’s an overview of what factors you should consider when choosing the best pixel pitch for your project:

Viewing distance: The further the viewing distance, the larger the pixel pitch should be. A good rule of thumb is that the number after “P” indicates how far the optimal viewing distance is for that DV-LED display in metres. A P6 screen would have an optimal viewing distance of six metres.

Application: Due to the optimal viewing distance, indoor displays require a finer pitch whereas outdoor displays can support a bigger pixel pitch.

Resolution: Finer pixel pitch equals higher resolution so if your project requires a high resolution, a small pixel pitch would be advised.

Budget: Small pixel pitch implies higher pixel density so the finer the pitch, the more expensive the display will be.

Running costs: Similar to the budget, the power consumption costs will increase with the pixel density. Displays with finer pitch will have higher running costs, which are also influenced by the number of hours your display is on and the brightness level.


Future development trend of Small pixel LED Display

The development of small-pitch business, under the boom of domestic smart city construction, public security, transportation, civil air defense, energy, justice, etc., as the core components of the city's operation, will continue to demand high-definition and visualization of data. At present, the visualization solution is successfully implemented in multiple application scenarios such as smart public security, smart transportation, smart civil air defense, and smart emergency response. In overseas markets, the demand for high-end conference rooms, exhibition halls, flagship stores of high-end retail stores, exhibitions, etc. is still strong. With the help of good brand advantages and perfect sales and service system advantages, we continue to expand overseas markets.

The market penetration rate of small-pitch commercial displays continues to increase. In the context of the Internet and Smart City, the function of the early LED display is no longer limited to ""one-way communication"", but to the stage of ""smart interaction"". The display will become the core of the interaction between people and data, bringing users Scene and immersive experience. With the continuous innovation of products, the continuous decline of costs and the continuous upgrade of the sense of interaction, early-track small-pitch LEDs have developed rapidly in commercial display applications such as conference rooms, education, shopping malls, and movie theaters.

The dot pitch continues to shrink, and Mini LED displays enter the era of mass production. With the gradual increase in consumer requirements for display effects and the further decrease in costs, products with P1.2 to P1.6 and smaller pitches below P1.1 will have the most growth momentum in the next few years. It is estimated that the compound annual growth rate from 2018 to 2022 will reach 32% and 62% respectively. With the improvement of Mini LED technology maturity and the gradual decrease in cost, Mini LED will gradually realize the application in commercial and even civilian fields in the future.


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