Everything You Need to Know Before Selecting a Fixed LED Display

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A Fixed LED Display has multiple applications in life, and one of them is advertising. When selecting a display, people often confuse things with buying a regular LED TV, while there is a lot more you need to know.

How to select a fixed LED display?

Before selecting an LED display for your advertising needs, here is everything you need to check.

1. Size and weight

The size and weight of an LED display are often ignored, and several problems occur afterward. Size is important depending on what you will display on your screen. Additionally, size and weight must be considered before buying your LED since you need to get installation utilities accordingly. These are the most important to consider for indoor applications.

Outdoor Energy Saving Fixed LED Video Wall Display - FE Series

2. Indoor vs. Outdoor

Next is the indoor vs. outdoor comparison. Mostly you will see an LED marked for indoor or outdoor usage. There are some technical differences between these, so you must consider which one you will buy. In some cases, an outdoor LED display can be used for indoor usage, but you cannot use an indoor unit for outdoor applications since these are not designed that way.

3. Power consumption

You must consider the power consumption of these units as an important factor. Additionally, plan to install multiple LED displays. Power consumption will be more important to consider since it will add to the electricity bills, so it would be better to plan.

4. Maximum brightness

Different display units come with different brightness levels depending on the following:

· Outdoor usage during the day

· Outdoor usage during the night

· Indoor usage

All these conditions have different lighting, and the best results can be attained by selecting the right brightness levels. The brightness levels mentioned are nits, and it would be better to check which display offers the right brightness for your application.

5. Smart control

Some users want to change the content on their displays very often, while some change that after a long time. For a better experience, you must go for smart control, where you can use Wi-Fi and smart applications to change what the screen shows.

6. Durability against harsh conditions

Durability is important for these displays since they will be used under all conditions. These need to be immune to slight impacts. Additionally, you must get one not damaged by rain for outdoor usage.

7. Resolution requirements

Your resolution requirements can change the LED display price you are getting. Higher-resolution displays cost more, but you don't need them for all types of uses. For instance, if you plan to play a video on that display, you may need a better resolution. Otherwise, lesser resolutions work fine enough for plain images.

Get the best Fixed LED Display for your business advertising.

A Fixed LED Display has many features and specifications to be careful about. So, to buy the most efficient option that meets your needs and fits your budget, you must know every feature and specification you require.


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