How to attract and sell more inside a shopping center

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Having a store inside a shopping center has many advantages and it is surely one of the best options for franchise owners. But, on the contrary, the concentration of supply (competitors) makes attracting the attention of customers essential for to sell. However, Vision LEDPro, specialist in transparent LED screens, offers a solution to this problem.

Installing a Led Screen in your window will provide you with the following benefits:

Get the attention of the visitors to the shopping center

Attract users to your showcase, through the message and the images.

The transparent LED screens will unite the world of images and the commercial message with the interior of the store.

Customer entrance to the establishment, making the sale much closer.

Shopping malls are like a magnet for potential buyers, who are confident that in a given time they will get the information or products they need. Users arrive at the shopping center and from the parking lot they begin to receive commercial messages from different brands, sectors, stores and products.

Most establishments use the same resources to advertise themselves and attract the attention of potential buyers, nice signs, signs with aggressive sales messages, lights, nice windows, very attractive employees, but all of these are what potential customers are used to. They need something to catch their attention.

A transparent LED display will attract the attention of the users of the shopping center, from a much greater distance than any normal storefront.

By projecting creative and attractive advertising messages, with images of the products and brands, it becomes easier to make customers see the real possibilities of the products, and everything that can be done with them. They see themselves as if they were already using the product or brand and suddenly make their way to the front of the showcase.

The transparent LED screen provides an ambience of freedom as your client doesn’t feel locked in a box. They can see the exterior of the store through the screen even while you project your adverts. The light from outside and the feeling of not being locked improves the shopping experience.

A pleasant and positive shopping experience will lead the customer to mark your product or brand on their list and decide to give your shop a visit. Every customer wants to return to where they felt good, so, you need to make them feel that way.

With the transparent LED screen, it is easier for you to highlight your product and brand within a shopping center fully adapting it to both our economic needs and physical limitations. Our team of at Vision LEDPro will help you get the best option to attract and sell plus.

Here, you can find all the possibilities that a transparent LED screen offers your business. Now, if you want to sell more, if you would like to attract more potential customers and get them to physically enter your establishment, then you can rest assured as the transparent LED screen makes it easy for you. 

Also, you can visit or contact us to learn more about the Vision LEDPro transparent LED displays work and how best you can get one for your business.


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