How to Choose LED Display Screen

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Transparent LED Screens are loved by customers because of their high permeability. More and more places use led transparent screens. The technology of Transparent LED Screen is becoming more and more mature, so how should we distinguish the quality of the Transparent LED Screen?

As we all know, the Transparent LED Screens produced by many suppliers currently look the same. In fact, the PCB version, lamp beads, IC, and production process used by them are very different, so the quality of Transparent LED screens produced by different manufacturers is very different. Today we will teach you to use the most professional, easiest and most convenient way to choose the right Transparent LED display.

Transparent LED Screens


The higher brightness of the LED screen required the higher requirements for the LED lamp chip, and the cost is higher. The indoor environments of LED transparent screens can just use low-brightness. But if it is a semi-outdoor window LED transparent screen or LED glass curtain wall screen, then it required a high-brightness LED transparent screen.


LED Lamp Chip

While checking the brightness, should pay attention to whether the light of the LED lamp chip is uniform, and when observing the white light, be sure to pay attention to whether there is a color difference. The presence or absence of color difference is the most important part of distinguishing quality. The price difference of LED transparent screens lies in the quality of the lamp beads.


Power Cable

Many people will ignore the importance of power cables. The level of brightness depends on the size of the current. If the current is large, the wire must be thick enough so that the brightness will be high.

Transparent LED Screens

Solder Joint Quality

The full solder joints prove that the soldering process is good, and the high brightness proves that the solder is used well; the more serious is the false soldering, which is prone to poor contact and troublesome follow-up maintenance. The more layers of welding, the thicker the circuit, the larger the current that can pass, and the higher the brightness of the display.


LED Transparent Screen Sticking Method

There are two ways to make transparent LED screens, one is a positive light and the other is a sidelight. Although the side-emitting light has a relatively high transmittance, the packaging technology of the lamp beads has yet to be tested by the market. The positive-emitting lamp beads are those of the traditional LED display. Aftermarket inspection, the quality is very stable.


PCB Board Thickness

If the positive-emitting PCB board is relatively thick, it will affect the transmittance of the LED transparent screen.


Easy Maintenance

"Good quality" does not equal to "no maintenance".Choose the transparent LED display with easy maintenance is really important to save time and labor cost.

Transparent LED Screens

Ultimately, there are many considerations when choosing the right transparent LED screen.Vision Pro can help you determine the pixel pitch, size, and brightness that will be the most cost effective solution to meet your business needs! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!




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