How to Maintain the LED Display in Daily Life

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At present, LED display screen has been widely used in all walks of life, to people's life has brought a lot of convenience. Many enterprises will use LED Display, and some enterprises purchase more, such as real estate enterprises, cinema lines and So on. Although enterprises have purchased the products, many people still do not know how to maintain and use them. Here, we will share with you some daily maintenance methods of LED display, hoping to help you.

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1. Fixed inspection of the internal components of LED display screen

If it is found that there is damage and other problem parts, it should be replaced in time, especially the small parts of the steel frame structure. In the weather and other natural disasters in the early warning need to check the stability and safety of each component of the screen body, if there is a problem, timely processing, so as to avoid unnecessary losses; Periodically maintain the surface coating of LED display and steel structure welding points to prevent corrosion, rust and falling off; LED displays require frequent maintenance, at least twice a year. Inspection of defective products: for defective products to have regular inspection, timely maintenance or replacement, generally once every three months.


2. Clean the LED lamp

LED display in the process of maintenance, sometimes need to clean the LED lamp. When cleaning LED lights, gently scrub the dust outside the LED lamp tube with a soft brush. If it is a waterproof box, it can also be cleaned with water. According to the use of LED display environment, we need to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure the stable operation of the whole screen body.

The lightning protection facilities of LED display screens should be checked frequently. Check the lightning rod and grounding line regularly. After the occurrence of thunder should be tested on the prevention tube, if the failure, must be replaced in time; It can be checked frequently during periods of more rain.


3. Check the power supply system of display screen body

First of all, check whether the wiring connection in the distribution box is rusty or loose, and deal with problems in a timely manner; In order to be safe, the grounding of the electric box must be normal and checked regularly. On the power line and signal new road, also want to check regularly, avoid the line broken skin or be bitten by rats, insects; The whole power supply system also needs to be inspected twice a year.


4. LED control system inspection

In the LED control system above, according to the preset situation of a pair of its each function test; All the Cables and equipment of the screen should be checked regularly to avoid unexpected situations; Regularly check the system reliability, such as once every 7 days, etc.


5. Any product has a life cycle, LED display is no exception

The life of a product is not only related to the quality of its own raw materials and production technology, but also closely related to People’s Daily maintenance. In order to prolong the service life of LED display, we must develop the habit of maintenance of LED display in the process of use, and keep this habit deep and strictly carry out.



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