Introduction Of A Creative Led Display -Circle Led Display

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Developing trend for creative LED display

Facing the fierce competition of commercial advertising LED display industry, creativity not only caters to the needs of the times and users, but also creates more possibilities for screening enterprises. For a long time, the market has been dominated by traditional LED products, whose shape is also "square". In the long-term aesthetic fatigue, people need a kind of visual enjoyment and impact. The innovative commercial LED display meets the market demand for innovation and personality.


With the development of technology and the upgrading of products, the current commercial LED display screen and various solutions have been able to fully meet the market demand, especially some high-end display projects, which can better reflect the level of screen enterprises.


At the same time, new technologies and products emerge in endlessly. In addition to the unique shape changes, such as spherical screen, arc screen, diamond screen, cylindrical screen and other LED creative special-shaped display, commercial advertising LED display is more integrated with virtual reality, augmented reality, multi screen interaction, expression recognition, human screen input and so on. The use of hardware, software and scene make them cooperate with each other, break through the traditional simple display function, realize intelligent control, and further stimulate the demand of the terminal market for commercial LED display. At present, commercial LED display screen is a popular product in many sub markets.

 circle LED display

What is a circle LED display?

● The circle screen is a customized special-shaped LED display for displaying logos, text, pictures, videos, and other information. It is used in various shops, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, beverage shops, ice cream shops, and other shops.


● According to requirements, it can be made into outdoor and indoor full-color screens. LED displays with different dot pitches have different display effects. The higher the pixel density, the clearer the picture details.


● Circular LED display application products have begun to be applied more and more widely, and product design schemes have become more and more mature. There are more products for users to choose from to meet the requirements of different use occasions for product design structures.


What's the applications of the LED circle Display?

Nowadays led logo sign is becoming one the most popular media for Starbucks coffee stores, MacDonald stores, Kentucky stores, other retail chain stores, drug chain stores, etc.

The logo LED screen is widely used ad advertising display, which will be mounted to the indoor wall or in front of the gate, towards the potential clients.

Attracting and eye-catching design, which can improve the level and provide a real focal point to the store.

With double-sided, we trust it is your best choice for coffee shop, top screen in mall.


Partner with us for a creative LED display?

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