Key Reasons Why You Need Small Pixel LED Display

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Small Pixel LED display is one of the leading screens display in the industry. It has a great image quality that has resolved the technical challenge of high brightness and low grayscale.

The acceptance of this display is wide with rapid growth. In contrast to the traditional lamp, the LED display has beads. The distance between adjacent LED lamp beads is called pitch.

Are there special things that make the Small Pixel LED display unique? Well, keep reading as we take you through what you need to know about it.

Small Pixel LED display

What is LED Display Pixel Pitch?

The level of understanding of the pixel pitch of a LED display gives you the right understanding of the image display. In a simple term, a pixel pitch is a distance between two pixels. The measurement is usually in millimeters.

The measurement is from the midpoint of one pixel to the midpoint of another pixel. A higher pitch simply means a longer distance between two adjacent pixels, while a smaller pitch means a shorter distance between two adjacent pixels.

What Makes LED Display a Small Pixel?

Based on the general agreement in the industry, a LED display that has a less than 3mm dot pitch is a small-pitch light-emitting diode display. A quality small pixel LED display from a reliable manufacturer has a high resolution per unit area.

Even when standing close to the display, a small pixel pitch has a good resolution. When it comes to displaying, you are sure of displaying high-definition graphic videos and images.

Information can display very well with high resolution under a similar small size. The audience can stay close to the display and still see it well. Allowing people close to the display to see well makes a small pixel pitch display suitable for a small space.

Small Pixel Pitch: Is it a Better Choice for LED Displays?

Generally, pixel pitch determines the visual performance and viewing distance of the LED display screens. In terms of image display, the image has finer details with a smaller pixel pitch.

Viewers can stand near the LED display and still see pictures clearly without any interruption by individual pixels. When looking at viewing distance, most people prefer small pixel pitch. It provides the best view from a close watching distance.

 Small pixel LED display

Ways to Choose the Best Small pixel LED display Wall

While considering small pixel pitches, some factors are essential for making the right decision. Some of the factors are:

Transmission Compatibility

The transmission tools are very crucial for the proper functioning of a small pixel pitch display. For instance, the monitoring system applies for signal transfer in the form of 1080I, 1080P, H.265, etc.

Setup Space

Consider the range the image will be viewed. For a small LED display, the quality of the image is sharper when viewed from a close distance. For long-distance, consider a bigger pixel pitch.

Fill Factor

We know that LED displays consist of dots. When you get closer, the image looks incomplete with uneven brightness. A single dot can look ten times larger and cause eye-harsh.

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