Rental LED Display: A Basic Buyer’s Guide

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Do you have an event coming up? Alternatively, are you into the business of advertising? On the other hand, maybe you are preparing for a sports events, a festival or just for the display of a public information, then worry no more, we present to your our.

LED displays have a wide range of applications, depending on what your needs and preferences are, there is a led display board for you. However, purchasing these customized led display boards could be very expensive and that is why we are here to provide you with the option of renting the led display. Same results, same displays, but this time, very cost effective as you do not need to purchase it yourself.

rental led display

What is a Rental Led Display?

This is simply renting a display board that utilizes the LED technology for its operation. It is the same LED display, but this time it is not fixed, because it has to be moved from place to place.

Because of this flexibility of movement, the design of the rental led display is made in a way to accommodate features like; slim size, lightweight, fast assembly and dissemble.

And for us, we are not only interested in providing you with the desired led display, we are giving you an assurance that our led display will deliver more than you ever anticipated because we are committed to your satisfaction always.


What type of Rental Led Display are available?

There is a variety of led displays available for various purposes and preferences. A few of them are described below for you.

1. Led Video wall for stage – SL Series

The SL series of the rental led display is designed with the needs of clients who may be in need of displays for touring or for rental markets at heart. It delivers advanced and high performance rental panels for indoor and outdoor.

They are lightweight, slim and can last longer, standing the test of time, and they come with user friendly features.

2. Led Screen for Stage – E series

The new E series is a unique design for small pixel pitch led video walls for your stage, with a high refresh rate and gray level for exceptional visual performance.

Because of the sophisticated locking system and lightweight cabinet, only one specialist is necessary for assembly and takedown. The die casting cabinet frame has a first-class design, and each cabinet weighs around 7kg and includes all components. It comes with four sets of strong quick fast locks to make assembly easy.


3. Led Video Wall for Stage – S series

Our S series rental panels are modern, high-performance rental panels that may be used both indoors and outdoors. The panels are lightweight and slim, but they are sturdy and come with user-friendly features. They were designed primarily for the touring and rental sectors.

It has four sets of fast locks for quick mounting and dismounting, and it can be mixed and matched with the SL series. The best part is that putting it together is a breeze. In addition, it boasts a wide viewing angle and a fast refresh rate.

 rental led display

Features of our Rental Led Display?

Our rental led displays come with the following features to address your led display needs;

· Ease of installation and dismantling, which saves you time and labor cost

· They are flexible and can be used for any and every event

· Maintenance is easy and cheap in case of a break down

· High refresh rate and grey level, which delivers clear and vivid pictures.

· Ideal for large viewing audience because of its large angle of viewing and clear visibility.


Partner with us for premium Rental LED Display

If you are interested in getting any of our rental led displays for your events or you have any questions or enquiries, feel free to contact us right now by clicking here, and we will attend to you immediately.


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