Rental LED Display: Types, Advantages, and How to Install It

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Rental LED display, as the name implies, basically means an LED display for hire or rent. It includes truck-mounted LED displays for cars, mobile LED display trailers for live broadcasting, perimeter banner LED video displays, and even LED billboard displays for advertising, etc. You can use rental LED displays at your convenience because they can be easily disassembled and transported from one place to another.

Types of rental LED displays

There are two types of rental LED screens.


1. Indoor rental LED display

As the name implies, you can use this type of LED screen indoors for events, award ceremonies, fashion shows, weddings, and conference rooms. This type of rental LED screen display does not require waterproofing or too much brightness. However, it must have a good image and visual performance.

2. Outdoor rental LED display

Similar to the indoor rental LED display, you can use this type of LED screen display for your clients in places like sports events, concerts, music festivals, etc. It has waterproof, and the brightness is high. Contrary to indoor display, outdoor rental LED display does not require a high range of visual performance.

Advantages of a Rental LED Display

1. Portable

Because of their portability, you can always move LED screens from one place to another. LED screens are composed of aluminum; the screen is about 60 kg, and the weight is about 50 kg/m2 which makes it light in weight and movable.

2. Quick installation

The main advantage of a rental LED display is that it is easy to assemble and disassemble. At your convenience, you can easily install and uninstall your screen display any time you want.

3. Durability

Another advantage of a rental LED display is that you can use it for a long time without damaging it. This is because of the remarkable cooling features of modern LED screens.

4. Affordability and reliability

It is easy and cheap to get rental LED screens. In addition, you can rely on a high-quality LED display to withstand any weather conditions.


How to set up a Rental LED display

1. Giant LED billboards with the column

You can easily install an advertising LED display on the highway or in the city. But this usually requires two installation methods: single-column and double-column

The column installation is done to increase the visibility of your advertising LED display.

2. LED screens with wall installation

If you are familiar with LED screens, you've probably seen LED display screens mounted on the wall. The front maintenance structure is best suited for outdoor LED screens and indoor LED displays, while the rear maintenance structure is best suited for indoor displays. Furthermore, the weight of the LED and the strength of the wall to hold the screen should be considered before LED installation.

3. LED display with the floor installation

If you are looking to mount your installation on the ground, you will need a suitable rooftop or a tall-story building to locate your audience for your LED display advertisements.

In addition, mounting an LED display on your rooftop will generate a lot of traffic and viewers for your event, which will generate maximum advertising revenues and reduce costs.

4. LED screen with the hanging installation

If you are interested in setting up an LED display screen for entertainment and exhibition purposes, the hanging installation is best suited for your rental LED display.

The hanging installation method is easy to move, assemble, and disassemble, which makes it appropriate for your rental LED displays. In addition, you should consider the weight, width, and load-bearing capacity of the installation structure.

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