The Applications Of Custom Led Display Solutions

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Over the years, the display market has evolved at a fast pace. Only 50 years ago, consumers and engineers had no choice, they only has CRT displays at their disposal.


Everything changed in the last century, around the 70s, when the first LCD panels were manufactured. They rapidly began to replace the inconvenient and bulky picture tubes.


The advent of video walls and electronic projection devices based on the LCD panels seemed to completely solve the problem, but this never occurs in technology. Small pixel pitch LED screens entered the market and demanded a place in the sun.


LED, which stands for Light Emitting Diode display is a flat-surface panel display that makes use of its Light Emitting Diodes as its video displays. 


Now, these days, custom LED display solutions have grown to become the global trend.


Coupled with their technical strengths, they are very useful as an advertisement medium and possess very significant social points. 


The combination of all their benefits makes them very cost-effective, generating an immense profit for their owners.

 custom LED displays

From a practical viewpoint, custom LED displays are 

· Durable; having a service life of at least 10 years

· Efficient: Consuming electricity ten times lower than lamp displays

· Easily serviceable: Without the need for disassembling the screens, custom LED displays are serviced from the back 

· Useful in communication: It easily communicated information on its screen, including remote information

· Produces high image quality: It produces a high image resolution, a wide viewing angle and great brightness

· Reliable: They are resistant to mechanical damage and their operation is uninterrupted regardless of the climatic situation, 


They are in such high demand these days because of their usefulness, hence, there many in production from different manufacturers.


This is why it is highly important to search for the most reliable manufacturer before purchase.

Custom LED display solutions have several applications, but we’ll only be discussing their advertising and social applicability, 


As an advertising medium, they have the following characteristics:

· Dynamism - information presented dynamically is much more efficient than static

· Brightness - advertising is noticeable from afar, in any weather and time of day

· The amount of information - several advertisers are placed on a small screen area at once

· Appearance - unlike a printed banner, it does not tear or fade


The bright and dynamic advertising works better than static advertising makes it in high demand. This in turn provides a quick return on investment.  Their reliability and durability also minimize maintenance costs.


Their social applicability and benefits are also not left out, they include:


· Reducing print, banner ads that litter urban space

· Broadcast of useful information for city residents, weather forecast, exchange rates, etc.

· Environmentally friendly, low energy consumption and no need for constant disposal of obsolete materials


In need of a custom LED display solution?

The benefits of working with us include a warranty for goods and installation work, service and post-warranty service. Also, we offer full project support, starting with the development of the sketch, possibility to order a design completely according to individual dimensions. Taking the step to work with us is one you would not regret.  Kindly contact us today to purchase a high-quality one for all your advertising needs.



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