The Development Of The LED Display Industry

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In the upstream chip region, as the number of market demand continues to increase, the unit price has dropped to a certain range, and this has a great influence on the market richness to an extent. A certain number of small and medium-sized manufacturers have been excluded.

At this stage, the whole LED industry is at a crossroads, and all the courage, persistency and wisdom of collective decision-makers test the progressing and pulling back at every step. How will the LED industry develop?

A few notable development trends will help you escape the confusion.

LED display

LED display package chip

As a result of the intense in the Sino-US trade war and the vulnerable demand in global emerging markets in 2019, the huge demand for lighting, backlighting, etc., has drastically reduced, while the value of known applications is weak, which is a problem on the demand side. LED display packaging factories have to continue to reduce prices, in order that the entire industry goes down.

How to overcome and survive such a “recession tide” remains a question that LED display packaging companies need to consider. It is worth mentioning that after more than ten years of investment, domestic LED display packaging equipment manufacturers have made significant innovations in technology and brand, and their market share has multiplied year by year.

Once the problems are solved, the market space for domestic packaging companies becomes very large.

Mini LED /Micro LED

Manufacturers of Mini LED display are currently appearing sequentially. Mini LED display will proceed in a wider development condition as market demand elaborates and production costs drop whether in backlight or display applications.

According to the current data prediction, the Mini LED display application market is required to keep up a growth rate around 175% from 2018 to 2020, and the Mini LED display market will reach 2.2 billion Dollars in 2020. Although the Mini LED display structure is remarkable, most companies use it as a temporary technology with the maximum goal of advancing towards Micro LED display.

Smart light pole screen

Smart light pole industry can be said to have blow up on a large scale in 2019. Because governments did not only issued policies and plans to back up the development of the smart light pole industry, but also completed the collections of smart light pole projects and put them into use.

 A smart light pole bidding project information was released; the organization for smart light poles has been set up and executes related activities, and different cross-border and cross-field companies keep on pouring into smart light poles, making the industry development showing strong and active vitality.

At present, understanding the status quo of industrial development thoroughly will help researching companies see the path of progress.

LED display

Other segments

Labor costs in the whole industry have increased greatly beside the increase raw material prices, in recent years. To this end, in order to lessen the cost pressure of enterprises, immediate attention should be paid to the innovation in product production processes.

 Increase in the application of LED display screen will also expand the potential user base. Even though many LED display manufacturers have focused on this industry trend, they have taken source in market segments.

LED display companies should extend their thresholds and should not restrict themselves to “grabbing” in the current market, but should investigate more application fields and potential customers to make the field wider.

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