Top 5 Reasons You Need Transparent LED Display

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Transparent LED display makes a great alternative to the traditional ones because they act as a dark wall, so the marketing wasn't that effective for the customers. With these, all types of shops and stores can benefit from their marketing content by giving customers a view of the shopping space indoors.

Top 5 reasons you need transparent LED display

Here are the top 4 reasons you need transparent LED displays to get better marketing results.

1. These come with high brightness.

Both indoor and outdoor shops need to be effective in their on-site marketing. While the traditional LED display walls work in some environments, they are ineffective in all environments. Especially in well-sit environments with exposure to the sun, low-brightness ones cannot give the best performance.

However, these transparent ones come with up to 6500 nits of brightness that can provide perfect quality visuals regardless of the environment and lighting.

2. You can use several controlling methods to control your display

These transparent displays are much smarter than the traditional ones, which often come with complex controllers. The overall experience of controlling the display content on these displays is pretty easy because you can use the following methods:

· Wi-Fi-based LED controllers

· Dedicated application controller

· Cloud controlling management

With these solutions, you not only get to control your displays wirelessly, but you can also enjoy remote access to the content displayed on your screens.

Outdoor Transparent LED Display - TO Series

3. There are no complex maintenance requirements for these

One of the best reasons to have these instead of the traditional ones is their cheaper and easier maintenance. Although these displays are designed to last for years, even if yours is damaged due to the physical impact of mishandling, you will not need to replace the entire panel like in the traditional ones.

These displays are modular, so whenever one module is dead, you only need to take that dead one out and put in a new one. Thus, the maintenance and repair experience is much easier with an all-in-one design.

4. These LED displays practically fit anywhere.

The physical specifications of these displays make them easy to install anywhere. These have a thickness of only 10mm on their PCB. Besides being thin, these are also extremely lightweight, with only 12kg/sq meter. The size and weight of these displays make them easy to install in large and small areas and even where you cannot add a lot of weight.

5. High transparency maintains a natural viewing experience.

The transparent displays usually come with a 60 to 90% transparency rate, which will let most of the environmental light come inside. It does not matter if the environmental light comes from internal lighting or directly from the sun. Either way, these displays will maintain a good natural viewing experience and let shoppers peek inside your shop easily because of this much transparency.

We have the best range of transparent LED products for you

Transparent LED display offers a unique and more effective way of on-site marketing with efficient power consumption. There are different sizes and specifications available, which must be selected carefully for the best results.


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