Top Frequently Asked Questions About Custom LED Display

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Businesses from different industries all over the world are engaging the power of visual digital installations like custom LED displays for the aesthetic appeal of their business to customers and immediate surroundings.

In this article, I will help you better understand all about Custom Led Display. Read along to enjoy an informative read.

What is a Custom Led Display?

Custom LED Displays are LED products that are tailored to the preferences and tastes of the customers and are only required when none of the market-available LED Display solutions can satisfy the customer’s needs.

However, getting in touch with a reliable Custom LED Display manufacturer is necessary to get the best.

Which Custom LED Display shapes are available?

Custom LED Displays are specially manufactured in a wide variety of forms depending on the resolution, shape, and size that best suit your business location and taste. Custom LED Displays can be made to be circular, rectangular, spiral, etc.

What are the types of LED used in Custom LED Display?

The types of LED used for the manufacture of Custom LED displays are;

1. Dual-In-Line Package LED (which is the most commonly used)

2. Chip-on board LED

3. Surface Mount Services LED

What is a good Custom LED Display?

A good Custom LED Display satisfies these conditions;

· A pixel pitch of one millimeter for every one-meter distance covered.

· A viewing angle of at least 50% of the display screen’s frontal luminosity.

· The color temperature is kept constant to allow high-quality visuals both during the day and at night.

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What are the factors to consider when purchasing a Custom Led Display?

Here are some key factors to pay attention to and get accurately sorted out with your manufacturer as they influence the choice of Custom LED Displays to be produced for you.

Location of Installation

The installation location is a major factor to consider when purchasing a Custom Led Display. This is because the location of installation will give the idea of the environment where the display screen will be used. This informs the production process of the Custom Led Display to be employed.

Content to be displayed

Your company's needs will define the content that will be shown on the Custom LED Display. Therefore, information about the creative contents to be displayed will inform the production process of the Custom LED Display that suits your needs.

Estimated viewing distance

The viewing distance is an important factor to consider when buying Custom LED Displays. For instance, A Custom Led Display screen with a large surface area will be required for the outdoor locations to satisfy the complex outdoor criteria.

Maintenance and Repairs

A Custom LED Display has a long lifespan and is highly durable. They are resistant to damage from sunlight, water, and harsh environmental conditions. However, the unfortunate can occur and they stop working, any parts can be easily replaced.  

How can I choose a good Custom Led Display supplier?

You can choose a good Custom Led Display supplier by viewing their completed projects in addition to visiting their store. Also, speaking to their current customers to receive reviews based on their personal experiences.

Check for the warranty duration provided by the supplier as this enables you to understand the supplier's obligations should your Custom LED Display develop defects or stop functioning. This is a reliable sign that the manufacturer is confident in its products.

In need of a premium Custom LED Display

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