Type and Application of LED Display

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In today's digital age, LED display has become an important tool in the field of information dissemination, advertising, entertainment and other fields. Its high brightness, high definition and flexibility make LED displays widely used in a variety of occasions. Vision Pro LED Display will conduct an in-depth analysis of the different types of LED displays and explore their applicability in different occasions. In addition, we will also discuss the development trends and future prospects of LED display technology.

Type of LED display

a. Indoor LED display

Indoor LED displays usually use SMD packaging technology, which has a high pixel density and color reproduction. This type of display is suitable for indoor environments, such as stores, conference rooms, exhibition halls, etc., for displaying product information, advertising, conference presentations, etc. They typically have high brightness and contrast to ensure clear display in a variety of light conditions.

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b. Outdoor LED display

Outdoor LED displays usually use DIP packaging technology, which has high water resistance and durability. This type of display is suitable for outdoor environments, such as billboards, sports venues, music festivals, etc., for advertising, live events, performances, etc. They usually have high brightness and anti-interference ability to cope with a variety of harsh climatic conditions and environmental noise.

c. LED video wall

The LED video wall consists of multiple LED modules that can be combined into screens of different sizes and shapes as needed. This type of display is suitable for large-scale events, performance stages, exhibition venues, etc., for background scenery, stage effects, video display, etc. They are highly flexible and customizable, allowing the flexibility to adjust screen size and resolution according to activity needs.

d. Flexible LED display

Flexible LED display using flexible substrate and flexible packaging technology, can be bent and folded, suitable for a variety of special occasions and creative applications. This type of display is suitable for interior decoration, art display, stage design, etc., with good visual effects and creative expression. They are usually light and flexible, and can be freely deformed according to design requirements.

In addition to these, LED display can also be divided into transparent display, creative display, small pixel pitch LED display and other categories

Different types of LED display applications

a. Indoor LED display

• Stores and malls: for product displays, promotions and brand promotion.

• Conferences and exhibitions: for presentations, exhibits and interaction.

• Control center and monitoring room: used for monitoring data display, information release, command and dispatch.

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b. Outdoor LED display

• Billboards and signage: Used for roadside advertising, city signs and commercial advertising.

• Sports venues and performance venues: for live events, performances and audience interaction.

• Cityscape and public transport: for time display, weather forecast and public service information.

c. LED video wall

• Large-scale events and performances: for stage sets, background effects and multimedia displays.

• Conferences and exhibitions: For large-screen presentations, product presentations and digital interactions.

• Control center and command center: Used for data monitoring, command scheduling, and information display.

d. Flexible LED display

• Creative art and decoration: for architectural facades, interior decoration and art exhibitions.

• Special occasions and events: for stage design, exhibition installations and creative performances.

• Curved display and product innovation: For curved screen, curved screen and product innovation applications.


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