What Is The Technology Behind Transparent Displays?

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For a long time, transparent screens have been the stuff of sci-fi or ultra-hi-tech environments. Films such as Spielberg’s Minority Report helped to firmly cement transparent screens as a cutting-edge technology, putting them up alongside futuristic innovations like gesture interfacing. VisionPro is proud to be amanufacturer that can offer such a great range of transparent screen solutions which satisfies a variety of requirements.


What is a transparent LED display?

Transparent LED displays are LED screens that allow viewers to enjoy the displays’ bright graphics and see through them. Often installed behind glass, they create an attractive facade with bright noticeable content that can be viewed from a great distance while offering 70% to 95% transparency.


Transparent LED displays can play any media, from still images to video. Unlike regular LED displays or traditional paper posters, transparent LED displays do not block light. When installed, e.g., in a storefront window, shoppers maintain visibility from indoors to outdoors and vice versa. This maximizes exposure and enhances interior ambiance with natural light, while the display maintains its luminance and effectiveness. Transparent LED displays create a unique and artistic advertising screen.


Transparent LED displays require very little space. They are lightweight, typically only 10mm wide, and the screen body weight is only 12Kg /m2. Installing transparent LED displays do not negatively affect the building structure, nor do they require extra steel frame structure. They can easily be installed behind glass, which results in lower costs.

 transparent LED display

Transparent LED displays are easy to maintain and simple to install. Installation is both fast and safe, saving manpower and resources. They do not require a cooling system, required by traditional LED displays, resulting in energy savings of more than 30%.

How to measure Transparency

The recurring question from customers:

“If your TLCD panels are 15% transparent, does that mean that the 85% of the light is blocked?”


The so called percentage of transparency is just an indication: 15% transparent doesn’t meant that the LCD is blocking 85% of the view. As the white color on the TLCD looks like 99% transparent, nearly like glass, colors are actually fully visible and (especially the black color) blocking the view.


Actually, 15% is the highest transparency currently available. But there is no way to “measure” the transparency of an LCD Panel considering how the human eye see it because it’s not only determined by the panel, but also by the backlight.


How Do Transparent LCD Screens Work?

All LCDs are transparent by default. That is, if you took apart an LCD, removed the backlight, and powered the display, you'd be able to see through it while it was working.


LCD screens aren’t left transparent because they don’t produce their own light, and as a result, need an external backlight to work well. Most backlight used to power LCD screens usually has a background. This background is what makes LCD screens obscure.

 transparent LED display

But with improvements in technology, LCD screen manufacturers have now found ways to create hybrid display systems. That is, using transparent LEDs to power LCD screens. This fusion of transparent OLED backlights into LCD screens eliminates the need for other light sources, potentially needing a background.


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