Why Go For Transparent LED Display?

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Often when you go to malls, hotels, theatre and even airport, you may have seen glass on which some visuals are being displayed and you began to ask yourself, “what type of glass is this that has even a more improved brightness and sharpness?”


Well, it is an improved display screen called Transparent LED Display which creates an atmosphere of excitement with its very bright and colored displays.


Obtaining a great relevance in the malls and corporate offices these days, the transparent LED display is basically a transparent display that is made up of the light emitting diodes which a semi-conductor light source that emits light when electric current flows into it.

 transparent LED display

The transparency in the LED display critically improved the standard of the transparent LED display.


In this article, you will get to know some of the many reasons why you should consider going for the transparent LED display.


1. High Transparency

The first and most visible attractive feature of the transparent LED display is its transparency. Most often, when you look at it, it will look as if you are seeing what is behind the display which is also as a result of the incorporation of glass in its manufacture.


The transparent LED display just like the normal LED display can be used and connected to different media as well showing different media ranging from videos to pictures.


However, as noted earlier, its transparent feature improves the ease of passage of light and when fixed in display shops, it allows the display objects and products to be easily viewed by prospective customers.


2. Light Weight

With the light weight of the transparent LED display which is as a result of its improved incorporated PCB board, there is little or no stress in installing it.  Similarly, it occupies very little space and unlike the normal LED display.


3. Ease of installation

Owing to its light weight, the transparent LED display only requires the support of a simple casted steel scaffold which allows ease of its installation and in turn saves lots of cost.


4. High Brightness and Power Saving

Have you seen something so fascinating even from a great distance before? The transparent LED display can create a very similar experience for you.

 transparent LED display

Its very high brightness ensures that even under high intensity sunlight, you are still able to view it. You would imagine that with its level of brightness, it will surely consume a lot of power. You are simply wrong.


This is because the transparent LED display consumes very less amount of power and energy.


You may still want to ask why? Most of the energy released by the transparent LED display are regenerated and hence very little or no power is lost.


5. High Shelf-life

It is not news that no one will want or desire a product, get it for him or herself and it ends up not working up to desire or gets spoilt. With the transparent led display, you can be certain of a very long and extensive usage life.


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