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Creative LED Display

As one of the top LED screen suppliers in China, VisionLed Pro offers excellent creative LED display solutions and we are committed to helping you bring all of your creative display ideas to life. We can design and custom any shape of led display that meets your special requirements, not just the traditional cube and globe.

creative led display
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creative led display




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What is Creative LED Display

In this modern world, unique product design, fueled by both imagination and technology, departs from standard processes and traditional mindsets to innovate stunning, one-of-a-kind structures that boggle the eye. Customized LED Display now go beyond flat in traditional aspect ratios with revolutionary new led products that take your creativity to the next level.

Unlike traditional LED video displays, creative LED displays can be in different creative shapes, such as circular, hexagonal, sphere, or even curved. VisionLedPro can create custom LED solutions for almost any application, from creative projects to custom advertising digital signage.

Features of Creative LED Display

  • Ultra Fine Pitch

    Super quality image pioneering ultra fine pitch P0.9 flexible display, with 1m best viewing distance, showing exquisite image.

  • Light Weight

    Only 10mm thickness of pcb board and 12kg/sqm light weight make easy to install transparent led screen in small space.

  • High Resolution

    Creative LED displays offer crystal clear, high-resolution images and video, making them ideal for displaying graphics, photos, and video content in stunning detail.

  • Creative

    Vision Led Pro can make the transparent led display into various shapes like cuboid, cylinder, etc. to meet special requirements.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Professional maintenance tool helps you to take out any panel in any position if you want Special design rail makes the installation to be simple.

  • Multiple control playback modes

    Support USB 、HDMI Sync、Lan AAP control to play. Support WIFI、Ethernet internet connection and so on.


IP series LED Poster makes your ads happened in anywhere, especially in exhibition halls, cafes, restaurants, shopping mall, etc. our IP-G can realize seamless splicing with frameless profile by GOB technology. Optional installation solutions include ceiling hanging, floor standing, and wall mounting.

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Professional LED Display Manufacturer

VisionLedPro, a leading Chinese LED display manufacturer established in 2010 with a registered capital of 10 million RMB. We specialize in developing, producing, and marketing high-quality LED displays, including fixed led display, rental displays, indoor/outdoor advertising displays, fine pixel pitch displays, and sports displays.

With over 10 years of expertise, we've become a trusted LED display solution provider, widely used in events, concerts, advertising, meetings, stadiums, and more. Our commitment to quality and exceptional customer service has fostered long-term partnerships.

Our products are built with meticulous quality control, using the most reliable components for durability and superior color contrast. We prioritize simplicity in design, reducing maintenance and ensuring unparalleled field uptime.

flexible led display

How to Install the LED Display?

Our modular panels snap together easily without the need of complicated tools. Power supplies are built into the supporting frame, which make it easier and faster to install, and displays can be hung or mounted. You’ll find that setup time is amazingly quick.

Transparent LED Video Wall

Flexible LED Display Screen for Shopping Mall

We started studying the best solution for the support structure for the LED Screen. We know that the diameter of led display is 2750mm, shape is rounded. We use our indoor product VPF Series 25. Its thickness only 5mm depth, the installation process is made easy given the pliable structure and easy-to-follow instructions provided. Additionally, when it comes to maintenance, the LED circuits are easily accessible. This makes it easier for professionals to assess any issues and fix them without too much destruction.

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