5 Interesting Facts You Probably Never Knew About Transparent LED Display

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Over a span of ten years, the famous LED screen that people come to view due to the power of it's ambiance  has become a circulating commodity in the market.

The appliance has risen to a great length that the former conventions in design has become inferior due to it's purchasing power. Over time LED screens has replaced the use of LCD displays and even the projections.

As we know, technology is dynamic and never static. The introduction of LED screen to the market system shows the dynamics of technology. Various types of this appliance has been created ranging from the Micro LED screen, to the Mini LED screen, and even to the Transparent type of screens.

In our contemporary times, the LED screen seem to be a very hot trend. The introduction of the Transparent LED screen shows how unique architecture could be. This is one way your home will be known for as a good ambiance of aesthetics.

How curious are you to know more on LED Screen Display? Journey with me as we explore some fact about this window that will awe you.

Transparent LED screen

1. Light-weighted and easy installation.

In choosing a perfect Display that will suit you, you need to consider various options. The common type in market usually have light-weighted structure and could be easily customized.

Architectural installments where lightings are fixed into building is refered to as Media Architecture. High rise structures in outdoor marketing was proven to be potential years back.

Many years before the manufacturing of the LED display, some technological productions in use were LED lamps, Projections, among others. Notwithstanding, the old inventions mentioned above posses some limitations. The visuals of this former conventions were very simple display which allows for a poor appearance of a structure.

Giving an instance of the use of the outdoor LED screen which is a good substitute compared to the use of Projections and the likes. The outdoor LED could give a clearer visual effect though it's installation is quite expensive because the big LED screen requires extral steel covers in the installation.

Moreover, the display of the screen could resemble a large black wall when no visuals is in display, this would degrade the ambiance of the building in question. .

LED Curtains and LED Glass are inventions of Transparent LED Screen Products, LED Mesh inclusive. The steel frame structure is not required in the installation of the above mentioned (LED Curtains and LED Glass) types of LED Screens. Only Light-weighted aluminum is required for it's placement.

Ultra-light design is what the LED Mesh gives. Bulky support structures are to a large extent reduced. The visual performance of the building is great as the flexible installation gives protection to the look of the structure in place.

2. LED brightness is adjustable.

The conventional screen displays are highly brightened. This high brightness of this LED could travel as far as 6,000 nits to ensure good visual experience during the day, most especially in countries as Malaysia.

The adoption of bright LED is very essential during the day time but could be disastrous to the health as it causes eye discomfort and also high light pollution at night.

This light pollution is dangerous as the effect of the beauty of a city could be tampered with. It should also be noted that extensive brightness causes road accident and some other unpalatable happenings.

The transparent LED screen has a function of adjustable brightness. The ability of this brightness can be adjusted in resonance to the application being used for.

High brightness could be used during the day while at night a lower degree of light should be used. About 8,000 nits could be adopted for outdoor displays while for the indoors, 1,500 nits should be used.

3. Maintenance is quick and safe.

As the Transparent LED is light-weighted, the display does not require direct installation on an external glass walls or conventional wall.

They are therefore placed behind glass walls or rather indoors. Installation behind the glass is of a disadvantage of lack of the qualities of being waterproof, but of the advantage of easy maintenance.

The keeping of the this method is relatively easy on like the installation made outdoors which is prone to many risks.

Transparent LED display

4. Transparent LED display is energy efficient.

Energy consumption in the global world is of a rise. As well as protection of lives and properties.

In the production of LED display, the introduction of products efficiently manufactured with high energy cannot be over emphasized in relation to other types of displays.

In the displaying of visuals, not all LEDs gives lighting at the same instance. Most times the darker part of the visuals possess this character.

The power consumption could be managed up to thirty percentage when the LED is not illuminated. This transparent LED screen is most suitable to all environments in comparison to other displays.

5. Transparent LED display can be adopted for a wide range of applications.

As a result of LED screens being light-weighted, business men/woman are of the advantage of customizing their own products as it does not affect the real ambiance of a building  

Glass windows, high-rise glass walls, building glass walls, and billboards are all examples of outdoor materials that this LED screen can be used for.

This display can also be adopted for indoor uses. Showrooms, entertainment ventures, shopping malls, and airports could also have this instalments inside their various buildings.

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