Global Market And Trend Analysis of Rental LED Display

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The rising importance of LED display devices in the advertisement industries, promotion, marketing and information displays in the public areas is resulting into increase in demand for rental LED displays for displaying of contents.

The rental LED displays are in demand nowadays because of the brightness they offer to the high level, these features makes it very preferable than other advisements products such as billboards, store signs and digital name plate on transport vehicles

Due to the large size and bright Colour features available in the rental LED displays, so the demand for this displays is increasing mostly for conference and event organisers.

Rental LED display consist of LED- light emitting diode displays that’s designed like a flat surface panel and uses a lighting emitting diode for transmitting a video content format on a display.

This display panels are made of different types of display panel which consists of various light emitting diode, the rental LED displays are usually preferred to other digital display worldwide.

Rental LED display

Market Drivers and Restraints for rental LED displays

The major factors that cause the increase in demand of the rental LED displays is the gradual increase in the number of promotions, merchandising, road shows and other activities that involves video contents.

The easy installation and flexibility of the display makes the demand so rapid and the increase in the demand for displaying large format or video, live video at a conference, wedding and other event is one of the reason there’s rapid growth in the rental LED display market.

In addition, customers are demanding for these displays because these displays are available on a rental basis with varieties of choices due to this flexible advantage customer will always want to rent than purchase the display which makes it increase rapidly.

Segmentation of Rental LED displays.

The rental LED displays are segmented based on the following listed below;

Segmentation based on Application

The supplier of rental LED displays usually designed their products based on the usage or end user requirements for example, if the LED displays is need in a concert, wedding, trade show, corporate events, meetings and live broadcast etc. It designed per application.

Segmentation based on applied Technology

On the basis of applied technology, the rental LED display is divided into discrete LED displays, surface-mount displays, and outdoor displays.

Rental LED display

Segmentation based on colour display

On the basis of colour displays, it divided into monochrome outdoor LED displays, tri-colour outdoor displays and full colour Outdoor displays.

Segmentation based on Region

On the basis of region, the rental LED displays is divided based on the regional market analysis which includes Northern America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the south-east Asia and other Asia-Pacific and East and Middle Africa.

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