5 Key Steps During Rental LED Screen Setup

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The use of LED screen technology has been growing progressively over the last two decades in different industries. In recent times, there are a lot of events that employ the use of indoor and outdoor display screen; these are progressively on the increase because of their quality and bright images.


Sometimes, those that need quality image display for an event may not have the money to buy but will resort to rental LED display use.


But as one ponders on the rental LED display screen; some steps should be followed in setting it up to enjoy its services optimally without interference.


These steps for perfect installation are given below:


1. On the Spot Assessment of the Venue  Prior to  LED Screen Set up

Normally, before any large screen display installation is done, there always has to be the visitation of the advance team made up of engineers and technicians from the renting company who are to explore and access the event location.


As part of their assessment, they will check the topography of the venue, visual distance from the last row to the front seats, the design of the LED display needed, weather condition, and visual effects.


They will as part of their mission also discuss with you the size of the LED screen display suitable and the possibility of the installation of the screen display.

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2. Required figures of LED Screens

During the visit of the advance team, the required number of LED screens needed for the event will also be discussed. You must interact with the experts on the amount of screens required as they are well experienced to give the correct figures.


3. Design and support pattern for the LED Screens

The support structure for a huge outdoor LED screen display will be determined. This is largely dependent on the kind of event hosted. A standing or hanging support might be needed as the event required.


The choice is a technical one as this depends on the arrangement pattern of the screen and their numbers. Sometimes the event might need hanging support but their weight and number can become a challenge. So the rental LED display  industry will help out with the support that best suits the event at hand.


4. Evaluation of the source of current and the lines of transmission  

LED display screens are known to conserve energy, yet it is not ideal for one to assume the energy consumption requirement of the screen.


You should make well-documented energy consumption calculations to be sure that the electricity supplied can serve the entire LED screen used for the event.


Again you need to plan for an alternate electricity supply as a backup in case of a power outage. The connection lines' power ratings should be calculated to avoid wastage and effective financial planning.

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5. Client/Users Training on LED Screen Operations

Training of personnel that will be available to ensure smooth outing is not negotiable. On many occasions, the rental LED screen company will provide only one technician, the bulk of the work rest on those on the ground.


They should be trained on how to operate LED screen displays perfectly before the event takes place. Training on the charging of components, wiring, screen operations, and how to prevent and resolve technical problems


In need of high-quality Rental LED displays?

Indeed with a rental LED display, your event will be very colorful and admired by the audience but you must know how to put up perfect set up plans that will beat any mess in the course of the event.


Again getting a quality product from a trusted and reliable manufacturer cannot be overlooked as this is important as the success of the event.


One place you can be assured of high-quality rental LED display is Vision Pro LED Electronics, a globally recognized rental LED display  manufacturer with many years of experience in the industry. Kindly call or check our lists of products and make your order today!


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