Things To Consider When Installing A Conference LED Display

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Conference LED display is an alternative to a flat screen or projector in your meeting. Your presentation will be shown in the entire wall because it very clear and visible. More so, you can even present in a brighter room rather than darkening the room to increase the brightness during presentation as it is the case when using a projector.


However, before you dash into the market to purchase a conference LED display, you should make sure that you identify a reliable manufacturer you can partner with for the best deal.


Things to consider before fixing a led display in a conference room

1. You need to know the display size which the size of the room you want to attach the led display

Generally, the screen sizes are always diagonal which is about half the length of the room for 9-10 people seat. For which would be 8 feet screen size ideally.


2. You need to know the type of led display you want to use such as Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Light Emitting Diode (LED), or Projector

The type of led display you need is very vital because they vary in its brightness, example if you are fixing a projector you need to darken the room to push out its brightness and clear visibility.

 conference LED display

3. Consider the Mounting height.

It essential you consider the mounting height in the conference room when setting up, if the mounting was done perfectly without no mistake it give the eye- contact feeling. It would be like you are looking at your colleague while looking at the display.


The camera placement is also very important while mounting, if you have a small screen sizes placing the camera above will be the best while on a large screen size placing the camera below could be the best option.


 Advantage of LED display in a conference room

1. It a fitted design built on the wall for easy communicated

2. It  display sharper and brighter images

3. It displays better color

4. Flicker free images

5. It has good and quality image (true black picture)

6. It has no motion delay and lags

7. It  possess low power consumption

8. Longer life span and it has low environment impact

9. It have a very wide viewing angle


Disadvantages of LED display in a conference room

1. The LED display are mostly expensive than the other generation of lighting technology.

2. LED can change in color due to age and temperature variants, also contrast not consistent.

3. LED looks a little bit thinner than LSD or plasma.

 conference LED display

Components of a conference LED display in a conference room

1. The screen cabinet

 The basic modular piece of the screen comprises of the cabinet, mostly all the giant LED screen are always divided into cabinet to Make up a whole when join together to enhance manufacturing and transportation easier.

2. The structural chassis

It frame like structure that houses the other component of the cabinet, it can be made with any materials as instructed to during installation by the technical team.


3. Led boards or modules

It consist of electronic board with LEDs and an outer plastic or metal cables.


4. Power sources

It regulate and transfer an electrical network to power other cable


5. Data card

It passes the image data that each cabinet issued and connect them to all the cabinets modules


6. Data circuit

It comprises channel of wire used to connect the data card with the LED module and to connect the cabinet with other components


7. The power circuit

It consists of set of wire that connects the power supplies to the other electrical components of the cabinet and interconnects the cabinet with the electrical channels.


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