5 Pitfalls To Avoid When Customizing Your Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Video Wall

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Video wall technology has recorded a significant impression on the dissimilation of information. It is considered the best way to circulate information in a wide-range of event environs.


Many narrow pixel pitches LED video walls are employed in trade fairs, conferences, church crusades, educational institutions, and lots more.

 narrow pixel pitch LED video wall

Most of the event managers ran into a series of problems in customizing a narrow pixel pitch LED video wall.


However, when you plan to rent or buy narrow pixel pitch LED video walls that are in a crucial location, you need to contact a reputable and reliable manufacturer for your project.


Below are some solutions to common setback when applying this technology:

1. Misunderstanding the Professional Aims of applying a Video Wall

The media manager must fully understand the organization's goals related to the scheme before commencing any visual application.


He or she must answer the following questions:

How will this technology magnify and encourage the organization’s information and upgrade existing duty?


For instance, in an event enviros, a narrow pixel pitch LED video wall is essentially applicable for showing advertisement, partner’s organizations, and directing participants to several sections in the venue.


2. Misunderstanding of the Space

Consideration of the space you are applying a narrow pixel pitch LED video wall is an important factor to be dealt with before commencing implementation.


These parameters help a media manager or coordinator when selecting the pixel pitch, brightness, right size, and resolution, and power supplies of the video wall he or she is working with.


Also, the display space will help you determine the actual size of the video wall that is required for your customization.


Rather than overwhelming the participants, thereby detracting them from your business goals.


3. Misunderstanding of Pixel Pitch, Viewing Distance, and LED Resolution

The essential to a better viewing experience is determined by pixel pitch that measures the distance from the middle of an LED cluster to the next LED pixel. It is measured in millimeters and is directly proportional to the screen resolution.


The minimum viewing space for a perfect image is determined by pixel pitch. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution video wall is to the viewers.


In other words, the viewers can stand close to the display and still have a clearer view of the display.


4. Misunderstanding of the Technical Abilities of Video wall content

Optimization of the video, audio, text, and other content depends on the nature of the video wall you have.


Low-resolution images and non-eligible fonts can make your video walls unprofessional and non-attractive.


Hence, contents designed for narrow pixel pitch video walls should be built with large displays in mind.


5. Misunderstanding of Content Production

When trying to customize your narrow pixel pitch video wall several content issues associated with inexperienced designers or media coordinators include:

· Lengthy content

· Tiny and non-readable text

· Producing visual order

· Making a Unified display

However, these parameters mentioned above should be at your figure tips whenever you are considering to customize your narrow pixel pitch LED video wall.


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