What Are The Major Differences Between Fixed LED Display And Rental Screen?

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LED display is widely used, and it exceptionally good for advertisement; particularly when it is the best fixed LED display screen, it brings more favor to the businessmen.


Also, a LED display is used in exhibitions, performances, conferences, and other events.


Nevertheless, many medium and small-sized businesses are discouraged because of the cost of LED display construction.


Even though the LED display rental service was created because of market demand, for any temporary commercial publicity events to spend money on LED display service, it will not be lucrative.

fixed LED display screen
However, for you to get a high-quality and best fixed LED display screen that can last long and withstand different kinds of weather conditions, consulting a reputable
best fixed LED display screen manufacturer is the best thing to do.


So, what are the main differences between an LED rental screen and fix the installation screen?

The major difference is that; rental screen requires continually moving, repeatedly disassembled, and reinstallation.


Therefore, the product needs are high in terms of structural design, product shape, and material selection can be difficult.


The rental screen can also be conveniently disassembled, anytime, depending on the size, and its service is with carefulness.  


However, the fixed installation screen is based on a fixed location, restricted, and the screen size is constant. It cannot successfully meet the several requirements of customers.


Also, in delivering customers with rental screen services, the rental screen and fixed installation screen are very different because the fixed installation screen has good installation. The impact is immediate.


While rental display must be placed in the entire concert or show, it requires a perfect display impact, which is an important point for customers' interest.  


Here are three other differences between rental screen and fixed installation screen:

1. The installation of a fixed installation screen is, in turn, with a standard size. Meanwhile, the leasing needs can be dismantling, repeated installation, reduced labor costs for customers, handling, and staff can finish work quickly.


2. The rental screen handling and transport of slight bump possess a solid tolerance and size to adapt to the conveyance loading system, particularly the trans-continent are highly different.


3. Due to the often requirement for carriage, some models of the rental LED screens may not tolerate rugged handling.


During handling, it is possible for it to collide with hard objects and caused LED damage. A broken LED lamp can automatically affect the whole effect.


How is the future of LED rental display direction in development going to be?

LED leasing screen in the future can be divided into three major directions:

1. The use of pixel pitch that is fine for the LED display. This will make the leasing point spacing of the screen to be more sophisticated.  


Meanwhile, the future design may replace the 4K effect, and with advanced technology, the price of the small spacing rental display will be rationalized.


2. The color is essential because, with the rental market, the corrected color can bring about flexibility and use of different products.


3. The control system will be one of the requirements to better meet the suitability of different product batches. With this demand incentive, rental LED display can obtain successful progress as a functioning product.


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