5 Professional Tips To Effectively Benefit From Your Custom LED Display

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Are you pondering on the best medium to use to attract the attention of your potential clients? Then, your best shot in doing marketing your brand is to employ the use of an outdoor custom LED display. Characterized with distinct pictures, brightly colored and displayed, custom LED screens are far better than the materials printed traditionally.

With the recent improvements in the LED technology, many business founders and advertising firms are exploring these new technologies to expand their marketing horizons.

This awareness is strategically carried out with the use of an effective yet affordable custom LED display. The benefits are there for the get but you need to partner with a reliable and trusted custom LED display manufacturer to get the best quality in the market.

To enhance the impact your content makes on your potential clients, you need this essential information.

1. Protecting against harsh weather

Exposure of the LED display to water even though is a small amount like the one that trickles down into the interior of the device can damage the device or in some cases can lead to total system damage the total.

 custom LED display

To avoid the risk of damaging your device through rainfall, you can a custom LED specialist who will help you built an enclosed air circulation loop system that will prevent moisture and pollutants from gaining entrance into the enclosed display


The level at which your custom LED display can be secured against moisture and contaminants is a function of the Ingress Protection (IP) rating.  Hence the search for a display that has a relatively high IP rating for the durability of the display.


2. Choosing the Best Hardware

Custom LED displays are designed to fit appropriately into different environmental conditions. So your choice should depend solely on the prevailing atmospheric condition of your area. If your city experiences high-intensity sunlight, the choice of your display should not be damaged by that condition.


Regardless of whether cold or hot, sunny or raining, you should be assured of the proper content display by your full outdoor-rated custom LED display.


3. Internal Temperature Regulation

One challenge of using an outdoor custom LED device is the fact that it is operated at the required temperature internally for it to function properly and this continues for almost the whole day- overheating.


To avoid the problem of overheating and its consequences, it is ideal to install an HVAC system into your custom LED screen to act as a thermo-regulator of the device.


4. Determining Brightness

One important feature of the custom LED display that attracts the attention of the audience or the people passing is the brightness of the device.


To counter the brightness resulting from the sunlight in the environment, the brightness of the display should be such that it is clear and greatly visible to all.


If you desire a displayed content that is more capturing, you will need to select a device with maximum brightness and contrast. The rule of visibility in the use of the custom LED display is that for it to be visible in the presence of direct sun rays, it must have a luminance rating of 2,000 nits.

custom LED display

5. Routine Maintenance

The durability of the LED screen is connected to the level of regular and routine maintenance checkup carried out on it over time.


Though the weather and climatic factors will greatly affect the device if the culture of maintenance is practiced thoroughly and regularly, the service year of the custom device will undoubtedly increase.

In need of high-quality Rental LED displays?

The use of an outdoor custom LED display will no doubt capture the minds of the passers-by but the quality is a gem one must search for thoroughly in the market and this can sometimes be very hectic and time-consuming. Hence the need to partner with a trusted and reliable custom LED display manufacturer with a proven track record of quality product and delivery.

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