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Benefits of LED Glass Screen

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LED glass screen is a glass-like crystal clear LED display screen that has functions of a LED. It provides a whole coverage of its background and enables the viewers to see what is being displayed on the glass.

It is also referred to as a see-through screen or transparent LED display because it enables audience to see what is happening behind the screen.

The LED glass screen has shown up as one of the best options for commercial purposes as it has about 50% - 90 % permeation ratio and 10mm thickness. The LED glass screen distinguishable method of installation, firm structures and special materials, has made it unique among other LED screen available in the market.

Aside that, here are some juicy features of a LED glass screen for every potential buyers willing to purchase one;

· It is light-weighted and occupies small space. The entire weight of the screen is 12 kg/m2 while the main panel is 10mm thick.

· LED glass screen has easy installation; it can be fixed directly to the curtain glass wall without any steel structure. It also has a good appearance.

·  Another feature of LED glass screen is the characteristic display and the see-through background, thus the visual performance is like floating on the curtain wall.

· Safe, speedy, and comfortable indoor maintenance.

· In addition, LED glass screen is energy saving and environmentally friendly, it does not need fan or air conditioner to dissipate heat.  It can conserve up to 40% energy than traditional ones.

 LED glass screen


Now, let’s take a deeper dive as we look at some of the outstanding benefits of LED glass screen.

Heat removal system:

It is essential to have a heat removal system in LED glass screen, since the heat generated from LED glass screen is a somewhat high. The heat removal system will keep the remaining parts of the LED glass screen safe from the effects.

For this reason, should at all times opt for a suitable heat dissipation system together with the certainty of having aluminum because with its conduction effects, it also assists in reducing heat. So, this feature should never be underestimated at any cost.


Noise reduction technology: 

 LED glass screen devices are furnished with screen driver chips that utilize high quality chip systems to generate astonishing contrast on the screens. Manufacturers have designed a constant occurring noise reduction technology in order to provide full-color LED display.

This noise reduction technology is to stop the effects of various noise sources from the screen so as to prevent any further hindrance or disturbance in generating images.


Protection technology: 

The screen module is covered with dust-proof elements and UV-resistant; hence, ensure that they are not attached with glue. Therefore, it is important to use materials that are harmless to LED glass screen and its environment.


Brightness adjustment technology:

Another importance of LED glass screen is the ability to adjust the brightness to suit the environment.

Since the device is anticipated to work in diverse climates to produce the best display outcomes, manufacturers have increased the brightness adjustment level up to 256-level so that the results in all types of environment will not be halted.

 LED glass screen

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