What Makes LED Glass Screen So Unique And Creative?

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The invention of the LED glass screen comes as a game-changer to the LCD and traditional printing sector. It is designed to function beyond the conventional screen.

Gone are the days LED screens were only for luxury viewing alone, it is now used for different functions. LED glass screens can be used both for outdoor and indoor activities with a perfect display.

Interestingly, the level of innovation in the overall design of the screen makes it suitable for architectural glass curtain walls. Cities are becoming more beautiful because of this innovative screen. Do you know what makes LED glass screens so unique? Keep on reading as we take you through some of them.

 LED glass screens

1. See -Through Screen Display

An LED glass screen is otherwise known as a see-through screen. The screen permits light to pass through it. You can easily hear people calling it a transparent LED screen because of this unique feature.

Objects that are placed behind the screen are seen when light passes through it. No traditional screen can display this innovative attribute in the screen industry.

The screen resembles a crystal-clear shade display that shows the image on the panel of the screen while permitting viewers to see the things that also lie behind the screen.


2. Adjustable Brightness

The interesting thing about LED glass screens is the ability to adjust the light to suit the environment. For outdoor events, the brightness can be as high as 6000 nits. The high level of brightness provides an excellent view experience during the day.

The beautiful thing about it is that it prevents light pollution by maintaining the aesthetic feature of the city both at night and in the daytime. The light can be adjusted to a level as high as 8,000 nits at night for outdoor display. It can also be adjusted to as low as 1000 nits for indoor events.

3. Energy efficient and environmental-friendly

LED glass screen does not only display great visuals, but it is also energy efficient. There is an intentional consideration of environmental safety by the manufacturers. It has a higher advantage over traditional screen displays.

Some of the LEDs do not release light at the same period during the visual display at night. It happens mostly at the darker section of the visual display. There is no emission of heat when the LEDs are not displayed.


4. Easy and safe to install and maintain

The screen is designed for easy installation and easy maintenance. During installation, the screen is not installed on the glass walls directly. It is connected behind it for easy maintenance.

During maintenance, there is high safety because it does not require the removal of the glass. You simply carry out the maintenance behind it.


5. Wide application

We have wide areas where we can use LED glass screens. It is no longer restricted to the luxury indoor display. It can be used outdoors for advertising and beautification of the city.  

  LED glass screen

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