Compared with other LED displays, what are the advantages of rental LED displays

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Rental LED display is a special kind used for stage performance and artistic activities. Generally, it appears in the form of Rental, so it is named Rental LED display. It is widely used in stage, singing, and dancing parties, press conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums, conference halls, multifunctional halls, conference rooms, performing halls, discos, nightclubs, high-end entertainment discos, etc. 

Unlike other LED screens, Rental LED displays have the following advantages:

1. Thin and portable

Cabinets of traditional LED screens are mainly made of common & general use of cold-rolled carbon steel sheet and strip, commonly known as "iron box." It is made of plates through bending, soldering, spraying, and other processes. It has low costs, but it's too heavy, so it's inconvenient to take. Traditional LED screens weigh about 60kg per square after it's being made. 

rental led display

2. Small deviation and seamless splicing

Traditional cabinets of LED screens adopt the manufacturing pattern of sheet metal, being processed through manufacturing techniques like bending and soldering. Due to the large deviation of such manufacturing techniques and its frequent deformation after processing, the deviation of screens exists at the millimeter level. 

It is difficult to meet the requirements of seamless splicing. Due to the module forming machine applied in the manufacturing of aluminum cabinets of Rental LED display, the deviation can be limited within 0.1 millimeter, which completely meets the requirement of seamless splicing

3. Quick installation

As the cabinet is made of aluminum, it is lighter with higher precision, ensuring the disassembly to be convenient and quick. Technicians can splice cabinets within a few minutes, thereby greatly shortening the time for installation and disassembly and saving the labor cost.

rental led display

4. Long service life

The main part that affects the service life of LED screens is the light-emitting diode (bulb). High temperature is the major killer of the light-emitting diode. Aluminum cabinets with fine cooling capability and thermal conductance can stabilize the temperature of the service environment, thus greatly increasing the service life of screens.

5. Affordable price

Outdoor Rental LED display is an ideal choice for event organizers who have limited budgets but want to present excellent functions. The fact that outdoor LED screens are easy to install means that you can hire experts to set up screens without paying. In addition, its brightness and clear visibility mean that you do not need to employ a lot of displays to meet the needs of the audience. 

A single screen is enough to attract a lot of audiences. Rental LED displays are also energy efficient, which means that your electricity bill will not be too high. If you're looking for is an installment rental company that can provide you with high-quality LED screens at an affordable price. Contact us now; we can help you get the ideal LED displays you're looking for. 


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